New Carrier: Send with Asendia

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Rafia Ghattas
by Rafia Ghattas 21/05/2024

Do you have your own shipping agreement with Asendia? You can now set up your shipments with Asendia through Shipmondo.

New Carrier: Send with Asendia

Our latest addition, Asendia, is now on the list of carriers supported by Shipmondo! If you already have a free Shipmondo account and your own shipping agreement, you can now book freight with Asendia across borders.

Who is Asendia?

Asendia is a shipping company founded in 2012 by the French and Swiss postal providers La Poste and Swiss Post. Despite its roots in France and Switzerland, Asendia is an international carrier. With over 1,500 employees worldwide and delivery to more than 200 destinations, Asendia offers sustainable delivery and return solutions in Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, South America, the USA, and Canada.

Sustainable delivery is a top priority for Asendia. In fact, they offer 100% carbon neutral solutions through offsetting! This means that Asendia invests in projects that promote renewable energy among other things to offset the amount of carbon emitted by their transport.

Which shipping products does Asendia offer?

Asendia offers various e-PAQ products, which Shipmondo supports when you book your freight through your Shipmondo account. Here, you can choose from different e-PAQ service packages tailored to your shipping requirements. These include the following freight products:

  • Standard
  • Plus
  • Select
  • Select Mailbox Delivery
  • Elite
  • Return (Domestic / International)

With e-PAQ Standard, you get an international freight product at a low cost, ideal for smaller, lightweight shipments of low value. This also applies to e-PAQ Plus, where you get additional tracking options to most countries and the possibility of home delivery. With e-PAQ Select and e-PAQ Elite you can, on the other hand, send heavier shipments with fast delivery times and tracking. To choose the right freight product on your Shipmondo account, you can read more about Asendia’s services. Asendia services

When your shipping agreement with Asendia is activated in Shipmondo, you can book order and return shipments through your Shipmondo account or our API. If you wish to return, you can choose the return shipment e-PAQ Return Domestic or e-PAQ Return International.

Shipmondo supports Asendia’s services including home delivery with signature upon receipt, package delivery to the nearest pick-up point, and the option to transport dangerous goods and opt for Asendia’s insurance.

Asendia collaborates with a range of local carriers, so you may notice that your package labels look slightly different depending on the product and destination country you choose during booking.

Book freight through Shipmondo

If you don’t already have a shipping agreement with Asendia but would like to use the shipping company as a carrier, you’ll need to enter into an agreement with them.

However, if you already have an agreement with Asendia, you can request to have your shipping agreement activated on your Shipmondo account today. In addition to booking freight across carriers, you can also streamline your order management, automatic printing, and return management on your Shipmondo account.

Read more about how to activate your shipping agreements in our guide here:

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