New carrier: Send with Esbjerg Gods

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 14/09/2023

We welcome another carrier! Book freight with Esbjerg Gods using your own shipping agreement through Shipmondo.

New carrier: Send with Esbjerg Gods

We extend a warm welcome to the newest addition to our carrier list: namely, Esbjerg Gods and Esbjerg Gods Sjælland.

If you need to send goods and pallets domestically within Denmark, you can advantageously use Esbjerg Gods and Shipmondo!

To book shipments with Esbjerg Gods, you first need to enter into your own shipping agreement. Once the agreement is in place, you can have it set up on your Shipmondo account and then book your freight.

Read on here and learn more about what Esbjerg Gods can offer when you book freight through Shipmondo.

Who is Esbjerg Gods?

Esbjerg Gods and Esbjerg Gods Sjælland is a Danish transport company that operates with more than 100 vehicles running around Denmark all year round, 24/7.

Esbjerg Gods offers flexible and fast delivery throughout Denmark and provides logistics solutions to companies of all sizes and in all industries.

The transport company has its headquarters in Esbjerg and can handle various types of transport tasks with a wide range of freight products.

Which products can I book with Esbjerg Gods?

Esbjerg Gods offers various freight products with associated types of packages and a range of different services.

You can choose among these freight products with associated package types:

  • Standard pallets
  • Special pallets

The freight product Special pallets covers larger and typically unusual types of shipments that require special attention and handling due to their size, shape, or nature.

Create shipment with Esbjerg Gods

With Esbjerg Gods, you can choose between various services, such as bring-in delivery or flex, where the shipment can be left at the address.

Additionally, you also have the option to choose a timed delivery, meaning you can specify an exact timeframe within which the shipment is delivered.

This can be a significant advantage for the recipient, who gets the opportunity to better plan their day, knowing exactly when they can expect the shipment to arrive.

You can also choose to send a personalized message via either email or SMS to inform about the shipment being on its way.

Send dangerous goods with Esbjerg Goods

Sending dangerous goods is a complex task that requires meticulous planning and strict compliance with safety standards.

The term “dangerous goods” encompasses materials containing substances or having properties that can potentially pose a risk to people, the environment, or property during transport.

If you ship hazardous goods and have it included in your freight agreement with Esbjerg Gods, you can have it added to your Shipmondo account and then book these types of shipments directly through Shipmondo.

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