New carrier: Send with BFT Transport og Logistik

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Camilla Jacobsen
by Camilla Jacobsen 31/08/2021

Welcome to a new carrier. Have a shipping agreement with BFT Transport og Logistik? Book Shipping directly through Shipmondo and send domestically in Denmark.

New carrier: Send with BFT Transport og Logistik

We have just entered into a new collaboration with Danish BFT Transport og Logistik, and you can now use your own shipping agreement with the carrier on your Shipmondo account. BFT Transport og Logistik deliver around 500,000 shipments a year all over Denmark, and the carrier works hard to offer the best logistics solutions to its customers - so we are happy to be a part of this cooperation.

If you send packages domestically in Denmark and need a versatile carrier, then BFT Transport og Logistik, who deliver up to 4,500 packages daily, are a good option for you that require manual hand sorting of your goods. The carrier primarily deliver to the B2C segment, but they can also meet your needs for delivery to business addresses.

BFT Transport og Logistik freight products and services

When you send packages with BFT Transport og Logistik through your own agreement in Shipmondo, you can, among others, ship with two products: Delivery and Return. Under the Delivery product, you can select evening delivery (17:00-21:00) or daytime delivery (8:00-17:00). Moreover, if you send large shipments, you can choose carry-up/carry-in service as separate services. With the carry-up service, the delivery is carried to the receiver’s correct floor while the carry-in service is both to the right floor and inside the receiver’s home.

How to get started: Send with BFT Transport og Logistik

If you would like to send packages with BFT Transport and Logistik through Shipmondo, it requires that you have a free Shipmondo account and your own shipping agreement activated. Request activation of your own agreement through your Shipmondo account, and make your freight booking easy and efficient. If you do not have an agreement with the carrier, we recommend that you contact them directly through their website.

Psst .. Remember that through Shipmondo you can take your freight management to the next level by collecting all your shipping agreements in one place - or send through our agreements with, for example, PostNord, GLS, and DHL. With a Shipmondo account you get full access to enterprise solutions such as paperless picking with digital pick paths, Return Portal, Order Management, and much more.

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