Ship worldwide with Blue Water Shipping

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Camilla Jacobsen
by Camilla Jacobsen 16/06/2021

You can ship worldwide with Blue Water Shipping. If you have your own shipping agreement with the carrier, you can manage shipments and pick-ups in Shipmondo.

Ship worldwide with Blue Water Shipping

Another carrier has been added to Shipmondo - and we welcome Blue Water Shipping, a Danish company with more than 40 years of experience, and a global supplier of all types of logistics. To use this carrier, you need to have your own shipping agreement which can then be activated on your Shipmondo account.

Blue Water Shipping is headquartered in the Danish port of Esbjerg, where the sea air is fresh and filled with the unique cries of seagulls. The carrier currently has 1,700+ employees and is represented through more than 60 offices worldwide, where the focus is on offering local expertise and tailor-made solutions for road transport, air, or sea freight.

Read more about Blue Water Shipping in this blog and find out what the carrier can offer you through Shipmondo.

Blue Water Shipping freight products

If you want to ship to the whole world and at the same time have a myriad of options, Blue Water Shipping is the right carrier for you. They have a wide selection of freight products, so you can always find a solution that suits your needs.

Overall, you can use the products Courier, Air, Road and Sea, which are further divided into a number of solutions.

If you send courier shipments, you can choose between the following: Blue Express, which is a solution for those who are busy and who want as short a delivery time as possible. Blue Economy, which is for those who want to minimize costs as much as possible; and, finally, Blue Parcel, if you need to transport packages to various destinations in Europe (up to 30 kg).

Under the Air freight product, you can choose between Blue Air Economy, for an economical airfreight solution; Blue Air Express, for a short transit time; or the Blue Air Solution, for a tailor-made solution customized to your unique needs.

Blue Water Shipping has a large truck fleet and offers pick-up of general cargo (Dedicated Van); Groupage; Part load, for those who need to send more than six pallets; and Full load, for those who need a whole truck - choose between standard and express delivery.

Finally, you can choose sea freight, which is one of Blue Water Shippings core activities, where two solutions are offered: FCL Sea (whole container loads) or LCL Sea (general cargo).

Send with Blue Water Shipping

Sending with Blue Water Shipping through your Shipmondo account requires that you have your own shipping agreement. If you have such an agreement, all you have to do is request to set up the agreement on your account. If you don’t have a Shipmondo account, you can create a free account and quickly start sending packages.

Check all your possible shipping options from your sender country here.

If you do not have your own shipping agreement with Blue Water Shipping, but want to send groupage and pallets with the carrier, we recommend that you contact the company directly through their website. If you have any questions about setting up your shipping agreement, please write to us at

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