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Camilla Jacobsen
by Camilla Jacobsen 30/09/2020

We have great news for those of you who ship domestically in Norway. Now you can ship with Bring in Norway directly through your Shipmondo account.

Ship with Bring in Norway

Thanks to our new collaboration with Bring Norway, we now offer even more options for shipping and delivery domestically in Norway for anyone who has a Shipmondo account. For example, ship to your customer’s mailbox (Pakke i postkassen) from only 42,50 NOK, or to one of Bring’s many service points (Pakke til hentested) from only 103 NOK, where drop-off to a service point is included in the price.

Bring is part of the Posten Norge Group, which is the fourth-largest postal and logistics operator in the Nordic countries. Not only that, but the carrier is one of the most used in Norway, with over 1,600 delivery locations. In other words, we are dealing with an experienced carrier.

Ship with Bring Norway today

You can already ship domestically in Norway today with both Bring and PostNord Norway. All you have to do is create a free Shipmondo account.

Bring Norway shipping products

Before you start booking shipments with Bring Norway via Shipmondo, here is an overview of the shipping products offered.

Norwegian consumers place great emphasis on being able to choose how their parcel is delivered. So Bring Norge is a great choice of carrier, as you have the opportunity to choose between several different shipping products in Shipmondo. With Pakke til hentested, an efficient and cheap way to ship to private customers, the recipient picks up the parcel at one of Bring Norway’s many service points.

If your customers want their parcels delivered directly to the front door, Bring Norway offers the shipping product Pakke levert hjem. If you send smaller parcels, you can use Pakke i postkassen, where the parcel will be delivered directly to your customer’s mailbox.

Finally, with Pakke til bedrift you can send parcels to business addresses and workplaces. Read more about Bring Norway’s parcel types and requirements.

More than just shipping

Delivery of parcels is more than just shipping something from A to B. It takes a lot of work, such as order processing, accounting and the actual booking of shipments – to name but a few.

Shipmondo is more than just a freight portal. In addition to the fact that you can make use of several different carriers and offer your customers many different alternatives through Shipmondo, there are many other benefits to our platform that enable you to perform efficient shipment management.

Many webshop owners often handle their work tasks in several different systems, which is time-consuming and inefficient. With a Shipmondo account and our free plug’n play integrations for your webshop and accounting systems, you can gather all your logistics activities in one system, so you can, for example, create an automatic order flow, where your orders are automatically imported into your Shipmondo account. That means you get rid of manual typing and can bulk-book your shipments quickly, efficiently and easily.

Another advantage of using our platform is that you can use automatic customs and create your export shipments quickly and easily.

Use your own shipping agreement

If you have your own shipping agreement with PostNord, Budbee, DHL or helthjem, we can activate it on your Shipmondo account. Request the setup of your own shipping agreement through your Shipmondo account under Settings.

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