New carrier: Ship with ColliCare

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 17/10/2023

Meet our latest added carrier: ColliCare! Book your freight using your own agreement directly through Shipmondo. Click here to find out how to get started!

New carrier: Ship with ColliCare

Roll Out the Red Carpet! We’re proud to introduce ColliCare as the newest addition to Shipmondo’s carrier network.

With ColliCare, you can book freight directly through your Shipmondo account. All you need to do is have an agreement set up with ColliCare. Once that’s done, you can get ColliCare set up on your Shipmondo account.

The rest is a piece of cake:

  • Log in
  • Create a shipment
  • You’re ready to send out your first shipments.

Get the Overview: Here’s what ColliCare offers you through Shipmondo.

Who is ColliCare?

ColliCare is not just a trailblazer in the logistics industry; they’re also your partner in tackling logistical challenges.

With a global presence and specialized expertise in the Nordic market, they have their headquarters in Copenhagen and branches stretching from Asia to Europe.

They offer targeted logistics solutions from producer to end-user. Whether you’re a small import business or a big player, they have the skills to tailor precise logistics strategies for you.

Whether you need a combined transport solution, a complete logistics package, or just want to ship goods on a single route, ColliCare is ready to help.

What Freight Products Does ColliCare Offer?

When you book freight through Shipmondo, you gain access to a wide range of ColliCare’s freight products and accompanying shipment types.

This means you have a wealth of options right at your fingertips to meet your specific shipping needs.

You can choose from these freight products, among others:

  • Part Load/FTL (B2B)
  • Groupage (B2B)
  • HomeDelivery
  • Special

Create Shipment with ColliCare

The products marked as B2B are specifically designed to handle larger shipments between businesses.

This means that whether you run a small webshop needing individual shipments to customers or a larger business dealing with bulk shipments, ColliCare offers a range of solutions to meet your logistical challenges.

What services can I choose with ColliCare?

When you book freight with ColliCare through Shipmondo, you can enhance your recipient’s shipping experience by adding various extra services.

For example, ‘Timespotdelivery’ allows you to specify a delivery time, so the recipient knows when to expect the package.

Do you have goods that require a specific temperature? Choose ‘Temperature Sensitive,’ and your products will be transported under the right conditions.

For those wanting a bit more, ‘Home Delivery’ can be combined with services like ‘Unpacking’ and various ‘Assembly’ options. This means your customers get precisely the help they need upon receiving the shipment.

You can also opt to personalize the delivery experience even more by sending a personal message through Shipmondo. It could be an email or SMS letting the recipient know their shipment is on the way.

Optimize your shipping process with Shipmondo

Feeling drained from juggling multiple different shipping agreements, deciphering opaque return procedures, and trying to keep track in a chaos of shipments?

You’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

A free Shipmondo account consolidates your logistics tasks under one roof, making it easy to handle everything from freight booking and order management to return portal. It’s all designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient.

If you have a Shipmondo account and an agreement with ColliCare, you can request to set up the shipping agreement today. This means you can easily combine ColliCare’s comprehensive logistics solutions with Shipmondo’s user-friendly interface.

If you don’t yet have a shipping agreement with ColliCare but wish to use the carrier’s products, just reach out to the carrier to set up an agreement.

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