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Camilla Jacobsen
by Camilla Jacobsen 15/02/2022

Send packages, pallets, and groupage with Dansk Distribution through Shipmondo, if you have your own shipping agreement. Read more here.

Ship with Dansk Distribution

Another carrier has been added to Shipmondo’s collaboration list, and this time it is Dansk Distribution that we welcome. If you have your own shipping agreement, you can have it set up in your Shipmondo account and enjoy our free features and gather all your carriers in one platform. If you do not have your own agreement, read below and get an insight into what the carrier offers.

About Dansk Distribution

Dansk Distribution is, as the name indicates, a Danish transport and logistics company. You can send shipments day to day within Denmark through the carrier’s nationwide network with locally based haulers and around 700 trucks.

Dansk Distribution has distribution centers located at Kauslunde, Taulov, and Nørresundby.

Dansk Distribution freight products

If you book freight with Dansk Distribution through Shipmondo, you have the opportunity to choose between three products in our user-friendly booking window. Pallets (1/1-, 1/2- and 1/4-pallets, as well as industrial pallets), Groupage and Loading meter goods. At the same time, you can choose private delivery, flex, time delivery in different time intervals or fixed delivery within a certain time.

The carrier also supports both dangerous goods and exchange pallets.

Book transport med Dansk Distribution

Ship with Dansk Distribution through Shipmondo

If you want to send shipments with Dansk Distribution, request activation of your shipping agreement via your Shipmondo account. You can read more about this here. If you have shipping agreements with multiple carriers, these can also be set up in your Shipmondo account, so that you collect all your shipping agreements in one place. If you do not have an agreement with Dansk Distribution, but would like to send shipments with the carrier, you must contact the carrier directly.

If you have a question or need guidance to choose a carrier or system, we are always ready to help. Send us an email at telling us about your needs.

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