Ship with DHL Freight Sweden

Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 04/07/2020

New collaboration: Now it is possible for everybody with a Shipmondo account to ship with DHL Freight from Sweden.

Ship with DHL Freight Sweden

We can now present our collaboration with DHL Freight Sweden, which means that if you have a warehouse in, or ship from, Sweden, you can ship on our agreement with DHL Freight.

Our agreement with DHL Freight Sweden

We support parcels, pallets and groupage with DHL Freight Sweden, since the new agreement includes Paket, Pall, Stycke, Parti, Home Delivery and DHL Service Point B2C in Sweden.

You can also ship parcels from Sweden to other countries within Europe with Parcel Connect and Paket Export.

You can see the prices of DHL Freight shipments at your Shipmondo account. Simply type in your sender and recipient information when creating your shipment, and the price of the shipment will be calculated.

If you don’t already have a Shipmondo account, you can create one free here and ship with DHL Freight today.

Own freight agreement with DHL Freight Sweden

If you already have your own freight agreement with DHL Freight Sweden or wish to set one up, then we can create and set up the freight agreement on your Shipmondo account. You can send us an email at This way, you can ship on your own agreement and also use our platform and all of our other services.

You can read more about DHL Freight here.

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