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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 04/07/2020

New collaboration: Now it is possible for everybody with a Shipmondo account to ship with DHL Freight from Sweden.

Ship with DHL Freight Sweden

We can now present our cooperation with DHL Freight Sweden, which means that you can easily and quickly send packages domestically in Sweden or abroad from Sweden through our shipping agreement with DHL Freight. You can, for example, ship packages within Sweden from only 73 SEK.

Here we give you an overview of what you need to know when booking freight with DHL Freight in Shipmondo.

DHL Freight Sweden freight products

With DHL Freight, you can send packages, pallets and groupage, as our agreement includes Paket, Pall, Stycke and Parti. If you need a flexible and reliable solution, you can also choose Home Delivery, where DHL Freight delivers directly to your door. If you send many packages to private customers, you can also let them pick up the package at one of DHL’s 1,600 service points or 120 parcel boxes in Sweden with the DHL Service Point B2C shipping product.

If you need to send packages from Sweden to other countries in Europe, it is possible with Parcel Connect to send the package directly to your international customers’ home addresses or you can choose one of DHL’s many service points abroad. If you send packages to business customers outside Sweden, you can use Paket Export as a delivery method. Here, your customers can expect to have their package(s) within 2-5 business days, depending on the recipient country.

In your Shipmondo account, you can see the current prices of DHL Freight shipments, and you can also read more about package types and requirements.

Add Shipmondo’s free delivery checkout to your webshop’s checkout and let your customers choose an optional delivery point. This way, you can easily show your customers where the nearest DHL Service Point is. See picture below.

DHL Freight delivery points

Get more info on how you can send green packages (Sicka grönt) with DHL Freight.

Integrate your webshop

If you have a webshop and are using, for example, the Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento platform, you can easily integrate with Shipmondo, streamline your workflows and use our services. You can, for instance, set up an order integration with our free plug and play integration, so that your orders from your webshop are automatically imported to your Shipmondo account. Here you can print your picking lists and/or mass-create labels quickly and easily. This way, you both save time and avoid typing errors.

Even more time-saving is the fact that you can scan your pick slip and thus capture payment, book shipping and complete the order with just one scan.

Watch the demo video below:

You can scan with a hand scanner, a camera on a smartphone/tablet, or a webcam.

If you want an even more digital pick and pack solution, check out our digital pick paths. Get an overview of all your options with Shipmondo Order Management on the button below.

Take your order and freight management to the next level with Shipmondo.

Own shipping agreement with DHL Freight Sweden

If you already have your own shipping agreement with DHL Freight Sweden or wish to set one up, then we can set up the shipping agreement on your Shipmondo account. You can send us an email at This way, you can ship on your own agreement and also use our platform and all of our other services.

If you have a shipping agreement with PostNord, Bring, Best Transport, Budbee or UPS, we can also set them up.

Ship with DHL Freight Sweden today

All you have to do is create a free Shipmondo account and you’re ready to start shipping packages with DHL Freight Sweden today. With an account with Shipmondo, you can take advantage of your own shipping agreements or use our attractive agreements, depending on what suits you, and at the same time make use of our platform and many services. You can create a free account here and get started right away.

Read more about DHL Freight here.

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