New carrier: Ship with Early Bird

Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 26/07/2021

Good news: Now you can ship with Early Bird in Sweden through Shipmondo on your own freight agreement!

New carrier: Ship with Early Bird

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Now you can offer your Swedish customers morning delivery, so they can have their packages delivered right to their door or in the mailbox, ready for when they wake up.

Shipmondo has entered into a collaboration with the Swedish carrier Early Bird, and you can read more about this here.

Early Bird transport in Sweden

The Early Bird carrier distributes at night, together with newspapers, which means the package is delivered along with the morning newspaper and is ready when your customers wake up.

However, this does not mean that your customers need to have a newspaper subscription to make use of Early Bird’s services, but simply indicates that the initiative comes from Sweden’s leading media houses and their distribution companies.

They therefore work at night so they can deliver early in the morning, and they do so seven days a week.

Early Bird focuses on both local and national delivery, and today they reach 100% of households in Sweden.

Thus, they cover both the large cities and the smaller local areas. In addition, Early Bird takes sustainability into account.

The UN’s global sustainability goals are part of their daily activities by, for example, delivering packages under the same route and also delivering at night when there is less traffic and no tailback. In addition, 50% of their supplies are fossil-free.

Send your package with Early Bird

Early Bird is for those of you who send small packages domestically in Sweden with a maximum weight of 5 kg.

It’s also for those who want fast delivery time, as they have delivery times all the way down to half a day, depending on the delivery service. Furthermore, they deliver all seven days a week, Saturday inclusive.

Early Bird shipping labels

When you ship with Early Bird, you can choose between a variety of shipping products, among others you can choose: Postlådepaket, which is the standard delivery, and Postlådepaket Express.

With Mailbox Package, you get delivery within 36 hours with full tracking. The package will be delivered straight to your customer’s mailbox, and it is possible to choose delivery on Saturdays, as well as SMS or e-mail notification.

If, on the other hand, you have a package that requires fast delivery, you can choose their Express delivery (Mailbox Package Express).

Here, the package can be delivered within 12 hours with full tracking. The package will also be delivered directly to the mailbox, and you can opt for either SMS or e-mail notification.

You can find a list of the shipping products you can book with Early Bird, by clicking the button below.

Own freight agreement with Early Bird

Through Shipmondo you can use your own freight agreement with Early Bird.

Simply request the carrier setup on your Shipmondo account, and once activated, you are ready to book shipping and ship packages. Get the guide here.

If you do not have a freight agreement with Early Bird yet, you can simply contact them directly through their website, and then request to have it activated on your Shipmondo account.

Ship through Shipmondo

You can easily use Shipmondo when you want to send packages domestically in Sweden with, for example, Early Bird, PostNord, Bring and many more. See all your options in Sweden here.

If you do not have a freight agreement, then you can always ship with DHL Freight or UPS domestically in Sweden directly through your Shipmondo account.

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