New carrier: Ship with Hurrah.Today

Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 04/08/2021

Send packages fast and flexible with Hurrah.Today. Read here and get to know more about what the Danish carrier can offer you.

New carrier: Ship with Hurrah.Today

Now we can welcome to Hurrah.Today. They are located in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, and they deliver throughout Denmark directly to the recipient’s address. Hurrah.Today typically does delivery runs in the evenings, when your customers are at home. In addition, they ensure fast delivery as the Danish carrier can pick up and deliver your packages the same day.

Send wine and spirits

If you sell wine and spirits, for example, you have the opportunity to send your goods with the right carrier now. Hurrah.Today specializes in flexible transport solutions with special expertise in the transport of wine and spirits, so your goods arrive safely and quickly to the recipient.

Send eco-friendly packages

Hurrah.Today thinks about the environment, which is why their carriers often cycle around with your packages. If time is of the essence or if the customer is some distance away, the carrier uses environmentally optimized cars, and always electric cars in the cities. They have no special requirements for your packaging, so you are free to use the packaging you want. For instance, you can send your goods directly in the original packaging, your logo packaging or no packaging at all. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your package is sealed and clearly shows the name and address of both recipient and sender - then Hurrah.Today will do the rest.

Send package: Use your own Hurrah.Today freight agreement

If you have your own Hurrah.Today agreement, you can easily have it set up in your Shipmondo account and make use of Standard and Express delivery.

Simply request the setup of your own shipping agreement through your Shipmondo account and we will start the setup-procedure. If you do not yet have a Shipmondo account and would like to send with Hurrah.Today and other carriers, you can easily and quickly create a free account and get started.

If you do not have an agreement with the carrier yet, check their website and contact them to find out more about a possible agreement.

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