New carrier: Ship eco-friendly with Instabox

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 16/03/2023

Send parcels with Instabox. It is now possible to send parcels with Instabox through Shipmondo. Read more here!

New carrier: Ship eco-friendly with Instabox

Here in Shipmondo, we welcome yet another carrier, namely Instabox!

It is now possible to book freight with the carrier through your Shipmondo account, if you have negotiated your own agreement with the carrier.

With Instabox the delivery process is efficient, user-friendly and sustainable.

They optimize logistical issues and ensure to find the best solution for you, so your parcels are with the customers fast.

Read along here, and get an insight into what Instabox has to offer.

Who is Instabox?

Instabox and Instabox - yes, it can be a bit confusing.

The transport company Instabox, delivers their parcels to local pick-up boxes, which are also called Instabox.

The instaboxes will be further explained further down - but first about the transport company Instabox.

Instabox is a Swedish freight and logistics company that was founded in 2015, but later has taken the Nordic countries by storm!

In 2020 they started to cross the borders, and deliver to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

With their large network and many haulers, they ensure that the parcels are delivered with great speed and will reach the customers as fast as possible.

Uncomplicated shipping, that is the slogan for Instabox, when you choose them to carry out the transport of your shipments.

They strive to make freight as uncomplicated as even possible.

They always ensure, the customer receives the fastest delivery possible for their parcels.

Instabox wishes to tap in on solutions for the present climate issues, they constantly work on finding sustainable and long term solutions, while still benefiting the customers financially.

This means the Instabox cars are climate friendly, as they are fossil free.

What is an Instabox?

An instabox is a red box, which can be found many places around the bigger cities, it is those boxes where the carrier delivers the parcels in, if the customer has chosen ‘delivery to parcelshop’ (Locker Delivery).

Instabox lockers

When the customer fills out their information in the checkout, including zip code, the customer will have the option to choose the preferred available box that the parcel can be collected from.

The parcel is retrieved with a PIN code, received via SMS by the customer. When the PIN code has been entered to the right box, the parcel can be collected. That is easy and convenient! If the customer is precented to collect the parcel, anyone with the PIN code can act as deputy.

This means that the customers do not have to wait in line in order to collect their parcels, as they collect the parcels from the boxes, whenever they have the time, and they can do it at their own pace, they just need to retrieve the parcel within three days.

The parcel is being stored in the Instaboxes for three days.

If the parcel has not been collected within the deadline, Instabox will store the parcel in their storage room for 10 days before the parcel is being returned. During the 10 days, where the parcel is being stored by Instabox, the customer has the opportunity to book a new Locker Delivery delivery.

Send with Instabox through Shipmondo

Instabox delivers all 7 days of the week. Instabox can with their many hauliers and pick-up places guarantee a fast delivery, in most cases delivery will happen the same day that the parcel leaves your warehouse, if a number of conditions are complied with.

If you book freight with Instabox through Shipmondo, there are two options to choose between: Locker Delivery or Home Delivery. It’s also possible to use their return product Locker Return.

When choosing Locker Delivery, the parcel will be delivered to one of the instabox, a pick-up point where the customer has to collect the parcel.

When Home Delivery has been booked for delivery, the parcel will be delivered to the customers address.

With Locker Return, you can book return shipments to be dropped off at an Instabox. It works as a labelless return service for your customers, as they only need to write the last four digits of the package number on the package.

The Instabox’ measures 40x40x60 cm, that means that the parcel’s measurements must comply with these requirements when booking Locker Delivery delivery, alternatively Home Delivery must be booked.

The same measurements apply to return packages with Locker Return.

Instabox booking

When you use Instabox, you can make shipments both internationally and abroad to all of the Scandinavian countries, however, Instabox are constantly expanding their geographical coverage.

Which services does Instabox offer?

When you book freight with Instabox through Shipmondo, there are a number of additional services to choose in order to make the delivery process personal and efficient.

Freight, that has been booked through Shipmondo, has access to a number of features, exclusive for Shipmondo customers.

You can, e.g. send personalized messages to your customers, where you can design the outlook and decide exactly what you want the message to say as well as determining the language.

When you send personalized messages to your customers, you are optimizing the buyer experience while also performing proactive customer support, as you can update your customers of the delivery process, if you add a tracking link.

That way you are getting the meeting the customer requests in advance, and you can spend your time efficiently.

Shipmondo personal message

When you book Home Delivery with Instabox, you can add the service Flex.

Flex means that the parcel can be delivered at the customers address, with the presence of the customer.

The parcel will be placed on the address, without the need for signature, that way the deliverymethod is more flexible.

Shipmondo and Instabox

If you want to book freight with Instabox through Shipmondo, you need to have your own agreement with the carrier, thereafter you can have it activated on your Shipmondo account, and start booking freight with Instabox.

If you wish to have your own agreement with Instabox, you need to contact the carrier directly, so you can start booking shipments through Shipmondo.

With an account at Shipmondo you can easily and efficiently handle your orders on the same platform you handle your freight.

Shipmondo Order Management provides your with the possibility to handle all of your orders, capture money, and print shipping labels - all from one single platform, thereby you avoid having to use multiple different systems.

That way you can handle larger amounts of orders efficiently, while optimizing your workflow.

Have you yet to create an account with Shipmondo, you can create one for free, just now, it will take less than five minutes, and you can start creating shipments with the carriers we have negotiated an agreement with.

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