New Carrier: Ship with Jetpak

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 04/01/2024

Book shipments with Jetpak! Use your own freight agreement with Jetpak and book freight directly through Shipmondo.

New Carrier: Ship with Jetpak

Another carrier has joined Shipmondo! Let’s give a warm welcome to Jetpak!

If you need to send packages domestically in Denmark, you can find a reliable partner in Jetpak. Jetpak offers tailor-made, individual logistics solutions, wherever the package needs to go in the country.

To book freight with Jetpak through Shipmondo, you need to have negotiated your own freight agreement. Once you have your own freight agreement with Jetpak in place, you can set it up on your free Shipmondo account.

Want to know more about Jetpak’s solutions through Shipmondo? Read here!

Who is Jetpak?

Jetpak are expert in offering tailor-made logistics solutions for every unique need and specific destination in Denmark.

They place great emphasis on carefully handling each package to guarantee the most efficient and fast delivery route, ensuring that shipments arrive both precisely and on time.

Their 24/7 express delivery is available 365 days a year and underscores their commitment to delivering fast shipments, so you can be sure that your packages always arrive on time.

What freight products can I book with Jetpak?

When you use Shipmondo to book your shipping, you have access to Jetpak’s shipping products along with their corresponding parcel types. These are designed to meet various delivery needs, focusing on speed and reliability.

Jetpak offers a range of solutions tailored to your shipping requirements. Whether you need fast day-to-day delivery or more flexible options, Jetpak can help.

You can view a full list of the shipping products you can choose when you book shipping with Jetpak through Shipmondo, here.

If you wish to cancel a shipment or need to organize a pickup from your address, it is necessary to contact Jetpak directly for assistance.

What services can I choose with Jetpak?

When you book freight with Jetpak through Shipmondo, you get access to Shipmondo’s personal messaging function.

This allows you to keep your customers updated throughout the delivery process and strengthen customer relations - all on your terms.

You have the option to send tailor-made messages or emails, which not only inform customers about the status of their order but also reflect your brand’s personality and values.

At Shipmondo, we have created various automated triggers, which allow you to send personal messages at strategic times.

For example, this could be when the order is packed and ready for shipment, or when the shipment is on its way and approaching the delivery address, significantly improving the overall customer experience.

Book freight through Shipmondo

With Shipmondo, you get an easy and clear platform that unites freight and order management in one place.

Our service is without a monthly subscription, binding contract, or hidden fees – you only pay a fixed, low price per package label, where the price even decreases the more you send.

As a customer with us, you benefit from free customer support and advice, which helps you save time and money in your daily operations.

With a Shipmondo account, you also get access to a range of advantageous freight agreements, which we have negotiated with known carriers. This gives you the freedom to choose between different carriers, making your freight process more flexible and tailored to your specific needs.

If you already have an account with Shipmondo and an existing agreement with Jetpak, you can request to have your freight agreement integrated into your Shipmondo account.

If you do not yet have an agreement with Jetpak but are interested in using their transport solutions, you can simply contact Jetpak directly to enter into a shipping agreement.

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