Ship with Posti in Finland

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Malin Conradsen
by Malin Conradsen 01/09/2020

You can now use your own freight agreement with the leading postal and package provider in Finland - Posti - on your Shipmondo account.

Ship with Posti in Finland

We welcome Posti!

‘Posti’ is the Finnish word for ‘mail’. And mail and packages are exactly what Posti specialises in delivering domestically in Finland.

Do you already have your own freight agreement with Posti? Then we have some great news for you. We have just set up a new collaboration with Posti, so that you can now use your own freight agreement with them on your Shipmondo account.

Who are Posti?

Through their wide network, Posti cover most of Finland with their post and parcel delivery services. With more than 400 years of history behind them, Posti are the leading carrier in Finland today, in terms of total net sales. They operate in eight different countries, consisting of Sweden, Russia, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and, of course, Finland, which is their primary focus.

What Finns prefer

Posti is one of the largest freight companies in B2C in Finland, since they have the best coverage of the country. Finnish consumers’ preferred delivery method is delivery to a pick-up point, which is also one of the freight products you can use in Shipmondo.

You can read much more about e-commerce in the Nordic region in our blog, and learn more about delivery methods in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and, not least, Finland.

Ship domestic in Finland

Shipmondo now offers you the opportunity to use your own freight agreement with Posti to ship domestically in Finland. With your own agreement with Posti, you have the option to choose between different shipping products. You can, among other options, choose to send a Postipaketti, which is a parcel delivered to a Posti pick-up point; a Pikkupaketti, which is delivered to the recipient’s mailbox; a Kotipaketti, which is a parcel with home delivery; and different express solutions, such as Express-paketti, which is a standard express parcel. See the full list of Posti shipping products here.

All of these solutions make it easier for you to offer multiple delivery methods, so that your customer can choose whichever fits their needs.

Use your own Posti freight agreement

Would you like to use your own freight agreement with Posti on your Shipmondo account? All you have to do is send us an email at and we’ll gladly set it up for you on your account. If you don’t have a Shipmondo account yet, you can easily get going by creating a free account. If you don’t have an agreement with Posti but would like to set one up, you can contact Posti directly for more information about your options. Additionally, you have the option to use your own freight agreement with Bring and/or Budbee when you ship domestically in Finland.

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