Ship with PostNL in the Netherlands and Belgium

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 13/06/2022

Another distributor has joined Shipmondo. Now, with your shipping agreement, you can send packages and letters with PostNL.

Ship with PostNL in the Netherlands and Belgium

If you ship from the Netherlands or Belgium, PostNL is there to help you deliver. It is easy to book freight on the Shipmondo platform with your shipping agreement. Get more information about PostNL, your shipping options, and how to get started right here.

About PostNL

PostNL is one of the Netherlands’ premier postal services. They aim to integrate digital solutions for shipping and receiving mail and packages. They have been active providers of postal services for over 220 years and, with their 38,000 employees, they make sure everything runs smoothly.

PostNL delivers 1.1 million packages on average each day in the Benelux area, and they also deliver to Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

PostNL freight products

With a PostNL shipping agreement on Shipmondo, you can book freight and print shipping labels automatically, and also add a return label along with your shipment as an additional service for your customers.

PostNL gives you a wide range of shipping options within the Netherlands, including delivery to private addresses and parcel shops, and delivery-to-neighbor. There is also a mailbox solution, where the shipment is left in the customer’s mailbox (as long as it fits!). On top of that, there are flexible domestic shipping solutions in Belgium, and from the Netherlands to Belgium.

Book shipment with PostNL in Shipmondo

Other services for you to choose from include; evening delivery, same-day delivery, Sunday delivery, guaranteed delivery 09:00 (10:00, 12:00. 17:00), and more. You can also ship from the Netherlands to other EU countries and worldwide, if your agreement with PostNL includes these destinations.

Ship with PostNL through Shipmondo

It is easy to get started shipping with PostNL through Shipmondo. The only two things you have to tick off on your list are ensuring that you have a free Shipmondo account and that your shipping agreement is activated on your account. If you have not yet got an agreement, we can help you set it up on your account later. Just get in touch with PostNL directly if you would like to partner up with them.

Gather all your agreements together on your Shipmondo account to facilitate your shipping activities with our freight booking system. Start using our treasure chest of solutions including Order Management, Automatic Printing, Digital Pick Paths, and Return Portal. They are completely free!

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