Ship with PostNord in Finland

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 06/04/2022

More options for those of you who send packages in or from Finland. You can now send with PostNord on your own shipping agreement.

Ship with PostNord in Finland

There is good news on this spring day. We have made it possible for you to send packages with PostNord in and from Finland. You can easily book freight directly through your Shipmondo account when you have your own freight agreement with PostNord Finland.

Read here and get wiser about what you need to know when sending packages in or from Finland with PostNord through Shipmondo.

You can also send with a popular local carrier in Finland through Shipmondo, namely posti, with your own shipping agreement. Check all your shipping options in Finland.

PostNord Finland shipping products

Through Shipmondo, you can use PostNord Finland to ship domestically in Finland, but also from Finland to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. You can use the shipping products MyPack Home, MyPack Collect and Parcel.

With MyPack Home, you can send packages to private addresses, so the customer can have their orders delivered directly to their door. With MyPack Collect, you can give your customers freedom of choice and let them choose a nearby pick-up point. You can use the product Parcel, if you send packages to business addresses.

In addition, you can also book returns for your domestic shipments in Finland with Return Drop Off.

Book transport with postnord in finland

Ship with PostNord Finland through Shipmondo

You can quickly get started sending packages with PostNord Finland through Shipmondo. All it takes is simply that you have a PostNord Finland agreement and a Shipmondo account. Just request activation of your own shipping agreement on your account - and we will do the rest.

If you do not yet have a shipping agreement with PostNord Finland, simply contact PostNord to hear more about your options. If you do not have a Shipmondo account either, you can quickly create a free account. Here you can collect all your shipping agreements and book freight with a number of different carriers - all from one single platform. There is no subscription or binding and you only pay for your consumption.

With a Shipmondo account you can make use of our many features free of charge. For example, you can send a personalized message to your customers with information about the package and a tracking link, and if you have a webshop, you can use our Delivery Checkout and set up freight and delivery at your shop just according to your needs. You can also optimize your workflows in the warehouse with digital pick paths, which allow you to pick for several orders at a time, minimize picking errors and much more.

Read much more about the possibilities with Shipmondo Order Management on the button below.

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