New carrier: Ship with Schou-Danielsen Logistik

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 25/01/2023

We welcome one more carrier: Schou-Danielsen Logistik. If you have your own shipping agreement, you can easily book freight through Shipmondo. Read more here.

New carrier: Ship with Schou-Danielsen Logistik

We have added one more carrier to the list! Here at Shipmondo we want to say a big welcome to Schou-Danielsen Logistik A/S! If you have your own shipping agreement with the carrier, you can have it activated on your Shipmondo account. That way, you can gather together all of your freight management on one single platform, so you can save time and resources on your daily work and use your time for scaling your business. At the same time, you can benefit from all of our free features from day one. Read more about the carrier here.

Who are Schou-Danielsen Logistik?

Schou-Danielsen Logistik (also referred to as SDL) is a Danish-owned transportation company based in Odense, and is a part of Dansk Distribution. They ensure fast and efficient next-day delivery directly to the door throughout Denmark. With their large network of local hauliers, they can tailor just the right logistic solution to fit your needs. That way, you are assured of a secure and stable delivery.

More than transport – that’s the slogan of Schou-Danielsen when you choose them as the carrier for your shipments. SDL is always ready with good and competent guidance for solutions that fit just the requirements you need solved. Schou-Danielsen Logistik scans your shipments and monitors all their transportations from start to finish. If complications should occur, they make sure to follow up as quickly as possible, so that you are always informed on what is happening to your shipment.

Which types of shipping can I book with Schou-Danielsen Logistik?

When you book freight with SDL through Shipmondo, you have the option to choose between different shipping products, which you can see in our booking window. When booking freight, you can choose between the Standard and Parcel shipping products. After you have chosen which shipping product fits your shipment, it is possible to choose different specifications and additional services, as well as the type of packaging.

sdl shipping Shipmondo

When choosing the Standard shipping product, you have a number of options to choose between, including shipment types (packaging) and specifications about the shipment, so the carrier knows exactly what type of requirements you need solved. Under Packaging you can find the different shipping types that you can choose from. SDL also supports transport of dangerous goods.

sdl book shipment Shipmondo

Pick-up of the shipment is automatically booked when the carrier has loaded the booking file from Shipmondo. Thereafter, SDL automatically takes care of getting their freight handlers started internally and ready for the assignment. Schou-Danielsen Logistik is with the shipment all the way. They make sure to pick up the shipment from your location and follow it right to the door of the recipient. They are interested in getting to know your transportation needs and finding the best logistics solution for you.

Cancellation of a shipment must be arranged directly with the carrier. It is not possible to cancel a shipment through Shipmondo with SDL.

Which services does Schou-Danielsen Logistik offer?

When you book freight with SDL through your Shipmondo account, you have the option to choose additional services, which makes your shipment more personal and efficient.

SDL offers time delivery with a number of different time intervals, regardless of the shipping product you have chosen. In the picture below, you can see the different time intervals you can choose from.

sdl services Shipmondo

There can be great advantages to choosing specific time deliveries for your shipments. That way, your customers can make sure to be ready for delivery. If your customer is unable to be present at the time of delivery, there can be great benefits in choosing the Flex - No signature service. As the name indicates, this means that the carrier can place the shipment at the location of delivery, without the presence of the recipient.

SDL also supports Pallet exchange and Carry in.

Through your Shipmondo account, you have access to a number of additional services that we offer. Among others, you can choose to send personalized messages to your customers, and keep them updated during the order process, while at the same time making the delivery process personal. You get to design the text of the message and what it should look like. By sending personalized messages to your customers, you can improve the customer experience and, at the same time, increase customer loyalty. Provide your customers with proactive customer support and send tracking information on shipment as soon as the shipment has been picked up by the carrier.

Shipmondo and Schou-Danielsen Logistik

If you want to book freight with Schou-Danielsen Logistik through your Shipmondo account, you need to have negotiated your own shipping agreement with the carrier first. Then you can have your shipping agreement activated on your Shipmondo account and easily get started booking shipments. That way, you gather all of your freight booking on one single platform and save time on your freight management.

If you wish to negotiate your own shipping agreement with Schou-Danielsen Logistik, so you can start booking shipments with the carrier through Shipmondo, you need to contact SDL directly. You can do that right here.

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