New carrier: Ship with TJW Fragt

Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 04/12/2023

Use your own shipping agreement with Tjw Fragt and book freight directly through Shipmondo.

New carrier: Ship with TJW Fragt

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Another carrier has joined Shipmondo’s extensive roster of transporters! We are excited to open our doors to Tjw Fragt and extend them a warm welcome.

If you already have an account with Shipmondo and an agreement with Tjw Fragt, you can request the activation of your shipping agreement right away. This allows you to integrate Tjw Fragt with Shipmondo’s easy and intuitive platform.

Whether it’s about precise delivery times, specialized handling services, or adapting to unique shipping needs, Tjw Fragt is equipped to meet your requirements with its efficient and tailored delivery solutions.

Who is Tjw Fragt?

Tjw Fragt is a Danish transport company, resulting from the merger of Tjw Transport A/S and Rømming Dankurér A/S, with its headquarters in Karlslunde.

With an extensive network of local carriers covering all of Denmark, Tjw Fragt specializes in efficient next-day delivery of packages throughout the country, ensuring both flexibility and speed in their service.

As a growing company, Tjw Fragt continues to expand and improve their range of services, constantly adapting to the changing needs and logistics demands of their customers.

What freight products can I book with Tjw Fragt?

When you book freight with Tjw Fragt through Shipmondo, you have the option to book a variety of different freight products with corresponding types of cargo.

This means that you have a range of options at your fingertips to meet your specific shipping needs.

Among others, you can book these freight products through Shipmondo:

  • Next day
  • Part/full load
  • Courier

Create a shipment through Shipmondo with Tjw Freight and choose the freight product and services you wish

What services can I choose with Tjw Fragt?

When you book Tjw Fragt through Shipmondo, you gain access to a wide range of additional options and services that optimize your delivery process. Beyond standard freight, you can utilize extra options such as drop-off, flexible delivery, or pallet exchange.

Additionally, Tjw Fragt offers time-specific delivery, including precise times like ‘Fixed delivery at 08:00 +/- 10 min’, flexible time slots such as ‘Timed delivery 07-09’, and the ‘Call before 30 min’ option, adding even more flexibility.

With Tjw Fragt’s track and trace system, you can always be updated about the status of your shipments, ensuring they are on the right track.

To make your service even more personalized, Shipmondo allows you to send personalized messages to your customers directly from your account.

You have complete control over both the content and design of your messages, and you can decide when they should be sent.

These personalized messages offer a unique way to keep your customers continuously informed about the progress of their orders from dispatch to final delivery.

Personalized message

The best part of all? It’s completely free! All you need to do is create a free account with Shipmondo.

Note! You can find the complete list of options and services when you book freight.

Optimize Your Shipping Processes with Shipmondo

With a Shipmondo account, you gain access to a range of features that streamline your daily operations. With Shipmondo Order Management, you can easily print pick lists, book freight, print delivery notes, and manage payments directly from your account.

Moreover, Shipmondo gives you access to an extensive selection of shipping agreements with leading carriers such as Bring, PostNord, GLS and, UPS, providing you the flexibility to book freight with different carriers and thus streamline your freight handling.

This enables you to book freight across various carriers, making your freight handling significantly more flexible.

If you don’t already have a freight agreement with Tjw Fragt but wish to use their freight products, you can contact them directly to negotiate an agreement.

After you have negotiated your own freight agreement, you can activate it on your Shipmondo account and start booking freight.

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