New Carrier: Ship with WebrinQ

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 15/01/2024

Book fossil-free freight with WebrinQ on your own shipping agreement directly through Shipmondo.

New Carrier: Ship with WebrinQ

Please welcome our newest carrier in town – we greet WebrinQ with open arms!

With WebrinQ by your side, you can create environmentally friendly shipments all over Denmark.

Already have a shipping agreement with WebrinQ? You can easily set it up on your Shipmondo account and start creating eco-friendly shipments. All you need is to create a free account with Shipmondo.

Read more about your options with WebrinQ through Shipmondo here 👇

Who is WebrinQ?

WebrinQ offers sustainable and environmentally friendly deliveries. They achieve this by using vehicles powered by electricity or biodiesel for all their deliveries.

These alternatively powered vehicles have the advantage of emitting fewer emissions and consuming less fuel compared to traditional diesel or gasoline trucks.

This step significantly contributes to reducing the environmental footprint associated with freight and delivery.

In addition, WebrinQ is supported by an extensive network of terminals and warehouses throughout Denmark. They offer same-day deliveries and focus on high quality and efficiency to ensure cost-effective solutions.

What shipping products does WebrinQ offer?

When you book freight through Shipmondo, you gain access to a wide range of WebrinQ’s shipping products with associated package types.

This ensures that you always have access to a broad range of options that can be tailored to your shipping requirements.

For example, you can choose among these shipping products:

  • Home
  • City-Hub
  • Parcel
  • Pallet

Create shipment with WebrinQ in Shipmondo

When you choose the CityHub shipping product, it gives customers the option to choose delivery to dedicated pickup locations as an alternative to direct delivery to their home address or workplace.

On the other hand, if you go with the Parcel shipping product, packages are delivered directly to business addresses by the carrier.

To cancel a shipment or arrange a pickup at your location, you should contact WebrinQ directly.

What services can I choose with WebrinQ?

It’s no secret that excellent customer service is key to success in any business.

With Shipmondo’s personalized messaging, you can easily maintain a high standard of customer service. You can send customized messages or emails that not only keep your customers informed about the status of their orders but also reflect your brand’s unique characteristics.

Furthermore, you can enhance your proactive customer service by addressing common queries like ‘Where is my package?’ before customers even need to ask.

Freight and delivery also play a central role when it comes to great customer experiences.

With the Shipmondo Delivery Checkout, you can offer flexible delivery options and enable your customers to choose their preferred parcel shop for package pickup, giving them complete freedom to decide where and when they want to receive their orders.

In this way, it becomes easy for your customers to receive the package where and when it suits them.

Make It Easy with Shipmondo

With a free account at Shipmondo, you can easily manage everything from booking freight and managing orders to handling returns and automatic printing.

Additionally, a free account at Shipmondo also gives you access to a range of shipping agreements with popular carriers, which you can use in combination with your own agreement with WebrinQ.

This allows for greater flexibility and the opportunity to combine WebrinQ’s extensive logistics solutions with Shipmondo’s intuitive platform.

If you already have a Shipmondo account and an agreement with WebrinQ, you can request to have your shipping agreement implemented right away.

If you don’t yet have an agreement with WebrinQ but want to take advantage of their transportation solutions, you can easily contact the carrier directly to get a shipping agreement.

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