Ship all over the world with Deutsche Post

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 04/05/2020

We are delighted to present a new collaboration, thanks to which you can now ship parcels all over the world with Deutsche Post through your Shipmondo account.

Ship all over the world with Deutsche Post

At Shipmondo, we want to help companies with managing shipments by making it easy, cheap and efficient, no matter where in the world you are shipping from and to. That’s our mission, and so it’s a great pleasure to announce that we have made another collaboration with a big worldwide carrier, Deutsche Post.

The biggest postal business in Europe

Deutsche Post is Europe’s biggest postal business and a part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, which is the leading logistics business in the world. As a result of this collaboration, you can ship parcels internationally to 57 countries and, at the same time, keep your customers posted on the delivery.

The perfect carrier for e-commerce sellers

Are you shipping small parcels with low weight? Then Deutsche Post might just be the right carrier for you. With their Packet Tracked service, you can send parcels up to 2 kg to 57 countries worldwide. At the same time, updates will be sent at every stage from hand-in to delivery, so that your customers will always be informed. This Track & Trace service gives your customers an insight into when the parcel will arrive, greatly enhancing their buying experience.

We can set your agreement up right away!

You can ship with Deutsche Post on your own agreement at Shipmondo and we can quickly set the agreement up for you.

If you already have a shipping agreement with Deutsche Post for Packet Tracked, you can send us an email on and we will activate it on your Shipmondo account.

If you don’t have a shipping agreement with Deutsche Post but would like one, you should contact Deutsche Post’s sales department on to find out more.

You can read more about Deutsche Post Packet Tracked here.

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