Ship worldwide with TNT

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 30/03/2021

Send packages, pallets and documents with TNT to the whole world. If you have your own freight agreement, you can now book freight through Shipmondo.

Ship worldwide with TNT

We are happy to present our newest partnership with the global carriers TNT, making it possible for you to use your own TNT shipping agreement through your Shipmondo account. These three letters are an abbreviation of Thomas Nationwide Transport and with more than 70 years of experience in door-to-door delivery services, TNT allows you to send express shipments with pickup and delivery within the exact time frame that suits you.

An international carrier: Send worldwide with TNT

You can send from Denmark, Sweden and Norway to the rest of the world with TNT. No matter where you get your orders from, with TNT you are not limited by the destination country.

If you send domestically in Denmark, Norway, or Sweden, you can send with the freight product Express. If you send to other EU countries, you can also send with Economy Express.

If you ship worldwide, you can also use the products Express and Economy Express, and also Express Document, which caters for express shipments of documents.

TNT Express delivery

Delivery time can be crucial when sending documents, packages, and pallets, so express transport with TNT might just be the right choice for you.

They offer a range of express products, so you can get the delivery that suits your needs. With 9:00 Express, you get delivery before 9 am; and 10:00 Express provides delivery before 10 am - for both documents and packages of up to 210 kg. When your customer chooses the freight product 12:00 Express, they will receive the document, package or pallet of up to 500 kg before noon.

If the time of your delivery is not crucial, you can use the Express product. Here, the delivery takes place on the first possible weekday before closing time at 6 pm. For Express, you can also add a Priority mark, where your shipment gets prioritized pickup and delivery. Your shipment will be clearly marked with TNT’s Priority mark on the shipping label.

Use your own TNT shipping agreement

You can request the setup of your own shipping agreement through your Shipmondo account under Settings. If you do not yet have a Shipmondo account, you can create a free account and get started quickly.

If you do not have a TNT agreement

If you do not yet have your own shipping agreement with TNT, but would like to have one, we recommend that you contact TNT directly through their w ebsite to hear more about the options they can offer you.

If you have questions about the setup of your TNT agreement, write to us at

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