Use Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistant

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 31/01/2023

Show delivery methods and pick-up points in the checkout with Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistant. Get a complete solution for your Klarna Checkout.

Use Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistant

We have good news for those of you who use Klarna Checkout. We have made it possible to activate Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistant, so that you can give your customers the best delivery experience in your checkout. Read much more about all the possibilities with Klarna Shipping Assistant and Shipmondo right here.

Set up Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistant

Klarna Shipping Assistant is part of Klarna Checkout, and with Shipmondo, you can bring together the entire checkout experience, add flexible delivery methods, and let your customers choose a desired parcel shop. This means that you can create one unified flow for your customers in your checkout and give them a better and easier buying experience.

Set up shipping rules, delivery methods, and shipping rates on your terms with Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistant and make the purchase experience transparent for your customers.

Klarna shipping assistent

You can, for example, set up the delivery time for each delivery method in Klarna Checkout with Shipmondo, so your customers can see exactly when they can expect to receive their packages. There can be differences between the carriers’ delivery times, and if you send with several carriers, you create flexibility for the customer by specifying the (expected) delivery time.

It is also possible to set up labeling for each delivery method, so that you can provide additional information about your delivery methods, such as “eco-friendly” or “can be traced”. You can also specify which delivery method you recommend, and sort your delivery methods so that it will always appear as the first option.

The possibilities are many, and they all help to enhance your customers’ buying experience with you. If you need to see what the delivery methods in Shipmondo look like in Klarna Checkout, you can test your setup right here.

A smooth checkout: Delivery methods in Shipmondo

Create a transparent, smooth, and flexible checkout with Shipmondo in Klarna Checkout with exactly the delivery methods and carriers you want. For example, offer a pick-up point selector in your checkout, show a list of nearest pick-up points measured from the recipient’s zip code, offer multiple delivery methods and carriers from the same checkout, and much more.

At Shipmondo, we have a wide selection of national and international carriers, so there are plenty of opportunities to set up several different delivery methods. You can let your customers choose a delivery location with several different carriers, such as:

  • Bring in Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden
  • dao in Denmark
  • GLS in Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Poland
  • PostNord in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Latvia, and France
  • DHL Freight in Sweden
  • DB Schenker in Sweden

Get a complete overview of the carriers we collaborate with.

Below, you see a (Swedish) example of how a pick-up point selector can look in your checkout with Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistant:

Klarna shipping assistent - pakkeshop

Connect your order system to Shipmondo and take advantage of Klarna Checkout. Shipmondo can, by default, integrate with all webshop systems that Klarna Checkout supports, including WooCommerce, Magento, and Wix.

Read much more about Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistant in our guide.

Benefits of Shipmondo

If you activate Shipmondo in your Klarna Checkout and Klarna Shipping Assistant, you get a lot of benefits that can both make your daily work with your orders easier and provide a good customer experience with your checkout.

The combination of Shipmondo, Klarna Checkout, and Klarna Shipping Assistant provides a good and smooth shopping experience. Your customers move quickly through your checkout, which only requires a few clicks, as the customer’s information, delivery options, and payment methods are gathered in the same window.

Manage orders and payments easily

You get access to a lot of free features when you create a free Shipmondo account, which makes your work with orders and shipping much easier. You can, for example, manage your orders quickly and efficiently with Shipmondo Order Management; when an order lands at the shop, it is imported into Shipmondo, where you can start booking freight across carriers, print shipping labels, pick-up, and delivery notes automatically, and capture payment from the order. You collect all your activities in one system, so you can save time and spend effort on growing your business instead.

A great delivery and return experience

You can continue the good customer experience with the shop with our personalized messages, which can keep your customers informed during the order process. When you use order management, you can set up messages that are automatically sent to your customer when the order changes status in Shipmondo, for example when the shipment has been created, when the order is packed and ready for collection, or when the return package has been received.

Klarna tracking

You can also create a personal return portal and make it easy for yourself to handle return orders and refunds. Our return portal is user-friendly and intuitive, and you ensure the same good customer experience that you have also created in your checkout. When you receive a return order, you can simply scan the barcode on the attached return slip and refund the amount immediately when using order management. Effective – for both you and your customers.

And the best part of all of the above, you ask? It is that it’s free and there’s no subscription or binding. You only pay for your consumption.

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