Shipmondo in the final for two e-commerce awards!

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 28/03/2022

We are in the top five in two categories for Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel’s e-commerce award! We are very proud!

Shipmondo in the final for two e-commerce awards!

Have you ever had a day that’s just a little bit better than others? Friday was such a day! Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel called us and told us that we are finalists in TWO CATEGORIES of the prestigious e-commerce award!

The categories are:

  • Best e-commerce tool
  • Best B2B company with online revenue under DKK 200 million

The e-commerce prize is awarded annually by Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel, with the aim of focusing on the successes within Danish e-commerce, and honoring those who show the way by doing it best. This year, more than 1,050 companies were nominated for prizes. There are a total of 12 categories, which have been worked through by a nomination committee consisting of a total of 84 experienced e-traders. The nomination committee selects the 5 finalists in each category.

On that note, it is far above our expectations to be among the last five - and in both categories! We are very proud and happy - not to mention grateful.

Last year, we won the award for Best e-commerce tool, and the previous year we won Best B2B company with online revenue under DKK 200 million, so it is crazy that this year we are in the fight again for the fine prizes - and, what’s more, among such worthy competitors.

Now the next step is that we are going to a jury day, where we will present Shipmondo and explain why we deserve the prizes. In May, there is a party on the menu, when we will go to Copenhagen for the awards ceremony with all the other cool companies that are also nominated. We are so excited and we are now spending our time preparing a presentation that will knock over the pins - and preferably score a strike ;-)

A big THANK YOU - to both customers, partners and colleagues. You are the reason we stand where we do 🙏🏼

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