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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 02/12/2021

Maybe you have seen it, or maybe you have not not, but… we are on Instagram! Read here, hear how our start has been, and take part in our competition.

Shipmondo on Instagram

Did you know that over a tenth of the world’s population is on Instagram and that 4.2 billion likes are given a day? In Denmark, over 40% of the Danish population is on Instagram, and almost all users follow at least one company profile. We are therefore quite geared to try the Instagram format - and also because we know that many of you are on the platform.

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We have now been going for a month and a half and we must say that it has gone beyond our expectations. We have tried different formats and we are still exploring the different features, but we are glad that you have welcomed us so well.

On our Instagram, you can get good advice, tips and tricks, quick knowledge, and, not least, an insight into our everyday life at Shipmondo. We also share cases from exciting companies (read: you), because we love to follow your everyday life and see how you use Shipmondo.

Shipmondo Instagram

We have already gained insight into how some of you use Shipmondo, and we greatly appreciate it when you choose to share it with us and tag us. It is always exciting to see how you pack your orders in the warehouse, or how you have put speed into your printer when there are many orders to be handled, for example during Black Friday. We like to share the content so that others also can get inspiration - from one entrepreneur to another.

Right now, we are running a contest on Instagram where you can win a lot of goodies. Skip to our profile and take part. Maybe you will be the lucky one 🥳 🤩

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