Shipping and delivery during Black Friday

Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 13/10/2021

Get ready to create the best delivery experience during Black Friday. We guide you in shipping and delivery right here.

Shipping and delivery during Black Friday

We hope you are well on your way to preparing for Black Friday and/or Black Week. Recently, we shared a blog on how you can get ready for Black Friday with Shipmondo, and now it’s time to look into the great delivery experience. How do you create it? There are many roads to Rome, but one of the most important, especially during busy periods, is your way of creating a flexible checkout - and here you have come to the right place. Shipmondo guides you through your options.

Create flexibility during Black Friday

What is better than having freedom of choice and options? Give your customers just that by adding more carriers to your webshop. If you do not already have agreements with several carriers, then start by examining which additional carriers it would make sense for you to use. We can also guide you in choosing a carrier, and you can see your options in Shipmondo here.

Multiple carriers also mean more delivery options, and this can increase your chances of resales after Black Friday, if the customer has noticed that they had a free choice of how and where the package was to be delivered.

Delivery during Black Friday

During a busy period like Black Friday, it is expected that there will be increased pressure on package distribution and this may mean longer delivery times. In particular, pick-up points are a hit when choosing the delivery method during Black Friday, but this can present challenges. Although fast delivery is an attractive feature to offer, you must take care of what you promise your customers, because the carriers can find themselves under pressure.

This year, you can meet the hustle and bustle by shipping with carriers that provide flexibility in delivery and offer several different delivery methods, such as home delivery or delivery to pick-up points.

However, during busy periods we encourage the use of home delivery, so that the carriers and pick-up points can keep up, and the delivery becomes a good experience for everyone. Tell your customers about the option of secure home delivery even if they are not home, for example by giving power of attorney to the carrier, so that they are encouraged to leave the package in a safe place at the address.

Always keep an eye on your carrier’s distribution plans to see if there are any changes during busy periods like Black Friday - and right after that - Christmas shopping.

Shipping during Black Friday

Shipping prices: The road to happy customers

Just as delivery options are crucial for a good delivery experience, so is the price - also for the general customer experience on your webshop. During Black Friday, you will find that potential customers will come and go to your website to compare prices with other webshops. Your job is to make it so easy for the customers that yours is the only webshop they need to visit.

Consider offering free shipping as an additional service during Black Friday. It could be, for example, for purchases over a certain amount, or, if you really have to give it gas, for all orders. Online shoppers are often more likely to complete a purchase if there is free shipping, because there is no “extra expense” from buying. You can advantageously install the Shipmondo Shipping Module, which is a free plugin that you can use to set up the freight exactly according to your needs. For example, offer free shipping or multiple carriers, or set a specific shipping price with the Shipping Module.

Return packages: Let the party last until Easter

… or maybe not quite. But something that is particularly important to the customer experience during Black Friday is your customers’ return options, including for how long it is possible to make a return. This is especially so because Black Friday is often referred to as the starting gun for Christmas shopping, so your customers need to be able to return their gifts after Christmas.

The return process is often an overlooked element, but it is nonetheless a very important one. It may be a key factor in the customer’s decision to buy, where the purchase of an item may depend on the option to return it again. So we encourage you to find a good return solution before Black Friday. You can quickly and easily - and completely free of charge - create a Return Portal when you have a Shipmondo account and thus make it easy for your customers to return items.

Also, you could extend your right of return, for example until the end of January, so that your customers have the option to return any Christmas gifts. That gives a good customer experience.

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