The year that passed 2021

Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 29/12/2021

The year 2021 is over and we end it with fireworks. We have achieved a lot and launched even more, so read on and see all the news from the past year.

The year that passed 2021

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It is with pride that we can look back on the past year. Despite the corona pandemic, which unfortunately has also shown its face in 2022, it has been a good year for Shipmondo. The year has been characterized by a lot of new collaborations with carriers, new integrations, a lot of useful features and exciting cases - and then we have tried a whole new platform, namely Instagram. Go and check us out!

In Shipmondo, we have reached a milestone of 40,000 customers, we have upgraded our team with as many as six new employees, moved into a newly built office and been named the Børsen Gazelle 2021 and the Best E-commerce Tool 2021. An incredible amount has happened and we have run fast, but we could never have gotten these awards if it weren’t for our customers, business partners, and our strong team. A big and humble thank you to you all for making this possible.

Most important, however, is the fact that we have, for another year, helped make freight and order management even easier for so many Danish and international companies, and that we can still be allowed to make our mark on e-commerce.

Carriers in Shipmondo

New carriers: A global network

We have welcomed several new carriers to Shipmondo and, hence, to you as well. In fact, we have entered into agreements with no fewer than 12 new carriers. It also means that we have made it possible for you to find exactly the carrier that suits your needs. Many of the carriers are experienced players in the market who can handle both international shipments as well as large shipments such as goods or pallets. Several of them also specialize in time delivery and can, for example, deliver in the morning or at a specific time.

Here is a list of the carriers:

Integrations in Shipmondo

New integrations: Connect and improve

In the past year, we have also been working to enable even more people to use the Shipmondo platform. So we have made a number of new integrations available that you can advantageously connect to Shipmondo to get the most out of your business.

An integration between, for example, your webshop system and Shipmondo can give you a more efficient and automated workflow and save you time. This year, we have, among other things, been able to present an integration solution for Wix shops. If your webshop system is built in Wix, you can connect it to Shipmondo and automate and streamline your workflow. We have also seen an e-commerce trend in live shopping, especially on Facebook. We have therefore teamed up with the live shopping company Sprii, so you can easily handle your live sales and freight management.

This year we have build new integrations and presented third-party integrations to the following systems:

In addition, we have added even more payment gateways to the list. When you connect a payment gateway to your Shipmondo account, you can handle payments directly in Shipmondo when using Order Management. There are many options for payment gateways and you can find them all here.

This year, we have added four more:

New features: Speed up your work

We have also delivered a large number of new features that will help make your work even easier and even more efficient.

Warehouse optimization: Digital pick paths and Order check

Last year, we launched pick paths as a new feature in Shipmondo. This year, we have further developed the pick paths and created digital pick paths, where you have the option of paperless picking and viewing product images during picking. At the same time, you can eliminate any picking and packing errors with order check. See how easy it is below:

Create packaging

If you often use the same type of packaging for your shipments, we have made it easy for you. You can now create packaging on your Shipmondo account, thus ensuring that your packages have the correct weight and size when you book shipping.

When you use a stored packaging, the measurements and weight will be automatically used when you book freight, which means that you always book the correct shipping and thus save time on manual entry. You can read more about creating packaging here.

We have also worked hard to make a highly requested feature available, namely the Print Client for macOS users. Before, the Print Client only worked for Windows users, but now you can take full advantage of Shipmondo if you have a Mac computer.

Once the Print Client is installed for your Shipmondo account, you can streamline your print jobs and, among other things, print shipping labels faster, connect an unlimited number of printers, and much more.

Automatic data transfer: Webhooks

During the year we have also launched a new feature for the more technical: webhooks. You can set up webhooks in Shipmondo and automatically have data about your shipments, orders and drafts transferred to your own system as soon as an action takes place in Shipmondo, such as a change of order status, for example.

Here are some of the other features and services we have also launched in 2021:

And we have given you a lot of useful information on how you can, among other things:

We have also provided details of VAT rates in the EU.

Cases Shipmondo

New cases: How others use Shipmondo

2021 has also been an exciting year for many of our customers. The Norwegian brand Notabene.no sells books online with great success. They use Shipmondo to handle their orders and freight for their many shipments. They do that specifically with Order Management, where they have automated their process so that, for example, a shipping label and pick list are automatically printed when an order is placed.

In Sweden, things are also busy. Our customer Tieroom sells to nine different countries and has a stock of over 700 items. They ship their packages through Shipmondo, where they have speeded up their delivery and order process, allowing them to process the orders quickly and then provide fast delivery to their customers.

We have also talked to several of our Danish customers, including:

2022: A look into the future

We hope that 2022 will bring as many exciting things as 2021 has done. With our new office in place, a framework has at least been created for creativity and thoughts to flow and to reach new heights.

We have several upcoming projects in the pipeline, but you will have to wait to hear more about that. We can only reveal that it will be both exciting and beneficial for many.

In addition, our sweet support team will continue the good support style in the new year, and you as a Shipmondo customer will continue to receive free support. We do not want to change things that work. Our sharp development team continues to develop useful features and integrations, so you can keep getting the most out of your time and your work. This is our most important task - regardless of the year.

Always keep in mind that you are more than welcome to come up with great ideas and requests for Shipmondo, so we can make it even better for you. You can always do this at support@shipmondo.com.

If you want to be part of the Shipmondo team, we currently have an available position as a software developer for our competent development team. Read more about the position in Danish here.

Finally, we just want to wish you all - customers new and old, partners and employees - a Happy New Year, and say a big thank you for the year that has passed.

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