The year that passed 2022

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 27/12/2022

The year 2022 is drawing to an end, and we’re closing it with a proper bang! At Shipmondo we’re taking a look back at what, the year has brought us.

The year that passed 2022

December, Christmas, and New Years have come at last - and we would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU, for the past year.

2022 has been a different year for many of us, which we have also felt, here at Shipmondo. We now feel an even bigger need and how important it is to optimize workflows and reduce other costs. Although the year has been marked by an energy crisis and unrest around the world, here at Shipmondo, very fortunately, we can still look back on the past year with great pride and a zest for the future.

At Shipmondo we have reached quite a few milestones, in the past year: we have reached 50,000 customers, and received yet another Gazelle award, which we are naturally very proud of. We have also gained a few new players to the team, achieved an impressive 3rd place at the Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel’s big awards show for e-commerce, and we have celebrated not one, but multiple anniversaries.

All of this could not have been possible without you, our customers. So we want to say 2,022 thanks for a good working relationship in the past year. We look forward to continuing and the great cooperation even more in 2023! 🎊

Carriers in Shipmondo 2022

New carriers: A world of shipments and carriers!

At Shipmondo we make a virtue out of streamlining freight handling and making it as easy as possible to run a business and to find the right carrier for your needs. Yet again, we have welcomed even more carriers to Shipmondo. We are aiming (even) more globally with carriers like DB Schenker, bpost, and PostNL.

In 2022, we have entered into agreements with no fewer than eight new carriers! That, of course, means that we have made it possible for you to use these carriers in alliance with your Shipmondo account, and make sure that you find the solution that fits your business perfectly.

You may have come across several of these carriers before, as they are well known players in the market. Several of these new carriers manage freight internationally, whether the shipment consists of smaller parcels or larger shipments such as pallets or goods. That way you can easily choose which carrier best fits your needs, regardless of whether you ship domestically or internationally.

You can see all of the new carriers in Shipmondo here:

Not sure which carrier best suits your needs? We have gathered all of our carriers here, so you can get an overview of which carriers offer just what you need.

This year’s new features: Even easier to manage freight and orders!

Again, this year, we have presented a number of new features, making it easier for you to work more efficiently than ever before.

Notify your customers across languages

You may already know our personalized messages, but this year we’ve made them available in Swedish, Norwegian, and German, so that you can communicate with more of your customers, regardless of which language they speak. The languages are a part of our standardized messages - all you need to do is choose the recipient country, and the messages will be ready for you, in the specific language. If you use our order management, the messages are sent automatically, when you process your orders,It is completely up to you, what you want the message to say and how it is designed. That is what we call good, efficient customer service.

Notifications in Shipmondo

Pick orders in high speed

“You must remember to review your own work” - so, we grabbed our safety glasses and our lab coats - and headed for the laboratory. We have tested the three different picking solutions which are found in Shipmondo, it actually turns out that you can save up to 50% of your time spent in the warehouse by using an optimized digital solution for your pick path, rather than a manual one. The faster you are at picking and packing items in the warehouse, the faster your customers will receive the orders, and the more time you can spend elsewhere.

You can read much more about the test and see the results right here:

Here, you can check out all three picking solutions.

Bulk shipments - take your freight to the next level

In order to make it even more efficient and economical to transport parcels and pallets around in the Nordic region, you can, with your own agreement with Bring, book bulk shipments, through your Shipmondo account. If you are sending a lot of parcels internationally bulk shipments might be the right solution for you. Bulk split shipments have many advantages; instead of sending multiple parcels individually, you can send them as one large shipment consisting of several parcels and pallets. This way you save money by sending only one combined shipment across national borders rather than many small parcels. At the same time you can manage all the necessary documents efficiently and economically all at once.

We have collected together all you need to know about bulk split shipments, so you can handle larger orders around the Nordic region economically and efficiently.

Return with Shipmondo

We have heard you! Our developers are always working hard to make make your wishes come true, and this August we developed a coveted new feature: We launched our new Return Portal, which makes it even more smooth and effective for you to handle your return orders. Design your own Return Portal on your Shipmondo account, and make it easy for your customers to choose which products they want to return.

As a new feature for our Danish customers, we even launched labelless return on our Return Portal. On the Danish domain, it is possible to receive return orders by using [labelless returns, or returns with QR codes] (/blog/send-labelless-return-shipments-without-printer/), and make it easier and more convenient for your customers to return the products, as they can return them without the need for a printer or package label. Very ingenious, very convenient, and very simple - and, last but not least, very important for the overall shopping experience!

The Return Portal is a user friendly portal, developed for your convenience and benefit. Using our order management system, makes the return process and management even easier - you just need to scan the barcode on the return slip, when you receive the returned order, and thereafter you can make the refund right away. You can design your own Return Portal, and make it match your universe completely. You also decide the price and currency yourself. We think that’s pretty ingenious!

Integrations in Shipmondo 2022

New integrations: Connect to even more systems!

In 2022 we continued to work on even more integrations, to make it easier and more accessible for new customers to start using Shipmondo. A number of new integrations have landed at Shipmondo, which you can take advantage of to optimize your workflow, so you can get the best-possible output.

As a new opportunity, you can connect your Fortnox economic program with Shipmondo. If you are using Fortnox, you can get your freight management automated through an integration to Shipmondo. Your order information will automatically be transferred to your Shipmondo account, so that you can quickly and effectively manage and prepare your shipments.

If you are running a webshop in Sweden🇸🇪, Norway🇳🇴, Belgium🇧🇪 or Denmark🇩🇰, you can advantageously connect your webshop to Shipmondo. Connect your with Shipmondo and automate your order management and gain access to a number of enterprise functionalities. With an integration to Shipmondo your shipping information will be imported to your account, so that you can easily and quickly start booking freight - and customize the workflow, so it matches your needs perfectly.

Shipmondo has also landed a new deal, with the integration Zapier which provides you with thousands of new possibilities. Zapier acts as a binding link between your Shipmondo account and the web applications you use - if you sell goods through eBay, as an example, Zapier can send the information directly to your Shipmondo account, so that you can spend your time efficiently elsewhere.

At the beginning of the year we waved the Norwegian flag (again) and welcomed yet another integration to the Norwegian platform, namely: and Vipps. This means that you can benefit from all of Shipmondo’s features and functions and give your customers the opportunity to pay with Vipps - at the same time, you can optimize your workflow.

Shipmondo’s website crosses borders!

Hei 🇳🇴 - Hejsan🇸🇪!

You may have already noticed, but this year we have extended our website even more.

We have had our website translated into Norwegian and Swedish, so our Scandinavian friends have the possibility to read a lot more about Shipmondo, what we’re up to, and all of our features, advantages, and even content made specifically for the Norwegian and Swedish market - in their own language.

What we are looking forward to in 2023

With the year nearly behind us, we are looking into a, hopefully, equally bright 2023. Here at Shipmondo we are looking forward to even more growth, even more creativity, and to making it even easier to be a customer with us.

While we leave 2022 in the parking lot, we will not be parking our always accommodating customer service team! They will of course also be sitting ready in the new year - and as always provide free and excellent support, for all the questions you may have. Our developers will continue in the same pattern, as they always have, and work hard to develop new useful new features and integrations, so that you get the most out of your workflow. Do you want to see more of our daily workflow? Head over to Instagram and follow Shipmondo!

In 2022, we have been thankful for our continued growth and expansion beyond the borders, and we are excited to continue this journey into 2023. Last but not least, we wish you a heartfelt Happy New Year - from all of us to all of you. 🎉🎊

Shipmondo team

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