Third Quarter News 2021

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 04/10/2021

Summer is over and we welcome autumn. A lot has been going on for the Shipmondo team and things have been humming. Read all the exciting news of last quarter.

New features

As you may know, we work every day to make your workflow easier.

One thing we have worked on is a highly requested feature: a Print Client for macOS! And that is now available to install. With the Shipmondo Print Client, you get access to several extended printing options, file integrations, etc. and, in this way, you can make your working day even easier! If you are ready to install it or just want to read about all the advantages, you can read our Shipmondo Print Client guide right here.

In addition to the Print Client, you now have the opportunity to make your work even faster. You can install the Print Client on multiple computers and add an unlimited number of printers from your Shipmondo account. This makes it possible for you to set up multiple workstations, so you can optimize your packing process, as well as handle many orders at once. You can customize the Print Client to suit your needs exactly!

Maybe you know our paperless digital pick paths function, where you can pick and pack orders using a tablet, mobile, or computer. In July, we made it possible for you to use a hand terminal. You can see how easy it is in the video below:

New carriers and services

In the last three months, many new collaborations with different carriers have been added. A carrier you might know, DHL Freight, can now offer you a green service through Shipmondo. If you send with DHL from Sweden, you can choose the Send green service both on Shipmondo’s and your own shipping agreement. You pay a small extra fee for the service, which goes in full to compensate for the hauliers’ extra investment costs in climate-friendly vehicles and fuels. Read more about sending green packages with DHL Freight.

DHL Freight sicka gront

Remember that you can also send green packages with UPS when using your own shipping agreement.

We have also welcomed the Swedish carrier Early Bird. If you ship domestically in Sweden, you can use your own shipping agreement with Early Bird through Shipmondo. When you ship through Early Bird, you can offer your customers morning delivery, so that their package is ready when they wake up. Read more about the collaboration here.

We have also collaborated with the carrier BFT Transport og Logistik, who can sort goods by hand. If you would like to know more about the collaboration, you can read our BFT blog here.

Finally, we have entered collaboration with the experienced carrier K. Hansen Transport, who specialize in distribution by crane. Read more about K. Hansen Transport.

Shipmondo cases

New case stories

In the last couple of months, we have talked to some of our sweet customers. The Norwegian shop, Notabene, sells books online, and has over 30 years of history. They manage their orders based on a just-in-time model, and for this they use Shipmondo Order Management. Furthermore, they have found out how important the return process is for Norwegian consumers, so they have created a free Return Portal through Shipmondo. You can read much more about the webshop and how they use Shipmondo for their order and freight management in our blog.

We have also talked with the Danish webshop Offi, who sell everything for you and your printer. In record time, the webshop has gone from 0 to 3,000 shipments a month by streamlining their workflow, including the pick and pack process. They meet their customers’ needs for fast delivery by packing and shipping their packages the same day as they are ordered - and for that they use Shipmondo Order Management. Let yourself be inspired by their history and their use of Shipmondo here.

We have been getting around quite a bit lately. We recently talked with the Swedish company Tieroom, who sells ties, butterflies, handkerchiefs, and accessories for men. They have over 700 products and sales in nine different countries, but as the coronavirus hit, the party ended. That prompted them to look at their business, which led them to Shipmondo. They pick their orders with Shipmondo’s pick lists and use shipping templates, which has been a massive time-saver for them. You can read the whole story and how they came back stronger than ever with business booming ahead in the Tieroom case blog.

Shipmondo new address

Shipmondo company news

A lot of exciting things have been happening in Shipmondo in the last couple of months. We have welcomed two new employees to our development team: Andreas and Nicolai! We are very busy, so it’s a pleasure to have more hands to help.

Would you like to be a part of the Shipmondo team, too? We are currently looking for more employees (customer service, office student, onboarding specialist, and freight specialist). See all our Danish job postings here.

Also, as you may have seen on our social media, we recently moved into our new office at Hvilehøjvej in Odense SØ. We had been looking forward to it very much, so it was a very special first day at work. We celebrated it with breakfast, speeches, tapas, and a beer after work, and the mood was high all day. Now, we just have to settle into our new surroundings!

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