Third Quarter News 2020

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by 01/10/2020

With the third quarter behind us, here’s a summary of the news, carriers and features we have presented during the last three months.

New features

At Shipmondo, we know how important it is to have an efficient workflow. With that in mind, we’ve made it possible for you to type “” in your browser and go directly and easily into your Shipmondo account, ready to create a shipment – fast and easy, if you need to create a shipment right away.

Besides having an efficient and easy workflow, you need to optimize your customers’ buying experience to run a successful business. Make sure to keep your customers informed during the delivery process and minimize the number of inquiries to your customer service team with a personalized message.

The expanded version of the personalized message gives you even more options to send an email and/or SMS to your customers automatically when you manage your orders and shipments in Shipmondo. You can choose different triggers to send your customer a message, for example when the order is packed. You decide the look and content of the message, and you can even include a Track&Trace link. This way, you can make the delivery experience more personal and strengthen your brand.

New carriers

We are constantly expanding our list of carriers to make it easier for you to use Shipmondo across carriers. In the last quarter, we have introduced no less than four new carriers.

We have brought on board both PostNord Norway and helthjem, making it possible for you to ship domestically in Norway. We have also welcomed Posti, which is the carrier with the largest coverage in Finland, and the leading postal and package provider in the country.

If you have your own shipping agreement with helthjem, PostNord Norway, Posti, we can activate it on your Shipmondo account. You can request the setup of your own shipping agreement through your Shipmondo account under Settings.

You can use PostNord Norway without your own agreement. All you need is a free account and you’re ready to book freight and ship your first parcel today.

New integration options

Are you using Dynamics 365 Business Central as your financial system? Or maybe Klarna or Paylike as your payment gateway? Then we have good news.

With integration to your Shipmondo account, it is possible to book shipments directly from your Dynamics 365 Business Central system, thereby saving time and minimizing the chance of typing errors when creating shipments and printing shipping labels.

With the Paylike or Klarna integrations, you can capture payments and complete orders entirely in Shipmondo.

A payment can be captured directly from an order or by scanning a barcode on your packing list. Print your shipping label and/or packing slip, capture payment, complete the order, etc. with a single scan. Here you can see how to manage orders with a scanner.

Send green packages

Other news: Green footprint?

When shipping internationally and even domestically, you can’t avoid leaving a carbon footprint. But it could make a difference to spend some time looking at how green your packaging is. Perhaps you have considered changing your packaging to recycled material and replacing plastic tape with paper tape?

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to send carbon-neutral shipments by making a climate compensation. Your business can reduce its carbon footprint by sending carbon-neutral parcels with UPS through your own shipping agreement and PostNord directly in Shipmondo. Select Climate compensation as an additional service when booking with PostNord, and Carbon neutral when booking with UPS. Look for the logos on your shipping label.

Choosing this extra climate-compensation service means that you pay a modest extra price. Proceeds benefit projects that compensate for the climate impact of your shipments.

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