News Q3: Launch of new return portal and new carrier

Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 04/10/2022

A lot has been going on in the last quarter: New return options, label-less return, a new carrier, and much more.

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Summer is over and autumn has hit our office in Odense. It is starting to get cold outside, but we are holding up the temperature by continuing to work to make shipping and order management as easy and simple as possible for you. Read more about some of the things we have been doing for the last three months.

New features: Get a smooth return flow

In August, we launched our new Shipmondo Return Portal. With this new return portal, you can make returns easy and simple with efficient return management for both you and your customers. When you set up the return portal, you can choose the return portal type, configure return management, and create your own customized return portal, which can be connected to your order management.

That way, you can gather all your orders in one place and save time on return orders by handling the refund with just a few clicks. You can design the return portal and set up return methods yourself. You can also decide the shipping price, language, and currency, and give your customers the option to fill in the reason for return.

No need to explain more, just take a look at how easy it is for your customer to return an item:

Let your customers return items without a printer: Label-less return

You can make it even easier for your customers to return their shipments to you, by setting up carriers on your return portal that can handle label-less shipments. Bring and the Danish carrier dao can handle these returns. Label-less shipping is convenient for your customers, as they only have to write a numeric code on the package. This code contains exactly the same information as a regular shipping label.

Label-free returns are especially convenient for your customers if they don’t have a printer. We have gathered together all the information you need to know about label-less returns. Just click the button below.

Send personalized messages in your order management

Keep your customers informed about the status of their order with our personalized messages. Whether or not you already know and use them, we have put together a complete guide to all the ways you can send personalized messages, and we give you an overview of when to send SMS and email texts.

We give you examples on when to send a personalized message, for example when the order is received, when the order is processed and packed, when it is shipped, and, if the customer has chosen click and collect, when it is ready for pickup from you. We also guide you on what to write in the messages. See all the examples and read our guide on how to keep your customers informed.

New carrier: Send parcels in Sweden and Copenhagen with Airmee

We have made it possible for you to ship with the eco-friendly carrier Airmee in Shipmondo. All that is required is your own shipping agreement with the carrier.

Airmee is a Swedish carrier, so you can ship domestically in Sweden but it is also possible to have your packages delivered in Copenhagen. Airmee is very environmentally conscious and they strive to deliver all their shipments in the most eco-friendly way. They primarily use electric vehicles or cargo bikes for their deliveries, and they climate-compensate for the deliveries that cannot be made completely fossil- or emission-free. Go to our blog post and read much more about Airmee.

Useful news and tips: New languages on our website and a label guide

We have worked hard on translating our website into new languages, and now it is live! You can now access our website in Norwegian and Swedish, get information about Shipmondo, and read our blog posts that contain particularly valuable content for Norwegian and Swedish users. All you have to do is change the language settings on our website by clicking the globe at the top.

We have also put together some very useful information for you about one of the most important elements when sending packages: shipping labels. It is very important to place your shipping labels correctly if you want to avoid any mistakes and fees according to the terms of the carriers. That is why we have created a general guide for you with all you need to know about shipping labels, and how to make sure that your shipping label is placed correctly. Read our label guide, but always make sure that you are up to date with your carrier’s requirements for sending packages.

Company news: New milestone, Shopify spotlight, and anniversary

In July, we were very excited, because we were featured in the Shopify App Store. We were recognized for our app’s success on Shopify, when they highlighted both the integration and our customer support. We are very proud of that recognition, and especially because the Shipmondo and Shopify combination is a sure-fire effective solution. It is very easy to integrate your Shopify shop with Shipmondo and automate your order and freight management.

But there is more good news! In August, we reached a new milestone. There are now 50,000+ Shipmondo users all over the world – and counting! We are so grateful and proud of that. When we started eight years ago, we were just happy when the first user ticked in. We are pinching ourselves that we have made it this far, and we are so excited about our further journey. But we have made it only because of our dedicated team, who works hard every day to develop our platform and implement new features and functions.

Last month, we celebrated another special day. We had a one-year anniversary in our office! On September 24th, it was exactly one year since the entire Shipmondo team moved into our newly built premises. We had outgrown our old office, literally, and it was time to build our own “home” from scratch, with even more space and room for innovation and development. The last year in our new office has been a really good one, during which we have welcomed several new colleagues.

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