Updated Help Center, new carriers, and new integrations to Shipmondo

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 04/10/2023

As we step into the second quarter of 2023, we bring you the latest updates and news from our team.

As we have reached the conclusion of the third quarter of 2023, let’s delve into the latest news and updates from Shipmondo!

At Shipmondo, we’re continuously enhancing our services.

We’ve recently welcomed new carriers, broadened our range of integrations, and updated our Help Center!

Let’s delve deeper into our Q3 highlights and achievements!

New carriers: Ship with ALPI and Esbjerg Gods through Shipmondo

New carriers

With more than 75 years of expertise, we’re excited to welcome ALPI on board!

ALPI is a well-established freight company with decades of experience in both Danish and international transport.

When you book freight with ALPI through Shipmondo, you have a variety of freight products to choose from, complemented by additional services that you can add to your shipments.

If you have your own shipping agreement, you can have it added to your Shipmondo account and start creating shipments!

We’re also thrilled to welcome Esbjerg Gods to the team!

Esbjerg Goods is a Danish transport company and that operates with more than 100 vehicles running around Denmark all year round.

If you need to send items or pallets within Denmark, you can conveniently book freight with Esbjerg Goods through Shipmondo.

In order to create shipments with Esbjerg Goods, you need to have your own shipping agreement. Once the agreement is in place, you can have it set up on your Shipmondo account.

New integrations: SHUP, SiteSmart, and ideal.shop

New integrations

SiteSmart and SHUP have developed integrations to Shipmondo!

These integrations ensure that your SiteSmart or SHUP orders are effortlessly transferred to your Shipmondo account, ready for you to generate shipping labels.

Despite the automatic import, you have complete control over the booking process, allowing you to customize the level of automation according to your preferences.

By connecting your SiteSmart or SHUP shop directly to your Shipmondo account, you unlock a wide range of benefits, including simplified order management through Shipmondo Order Management, the ability to book freight, track shipments, utilize digital pick paths, and much more!

Ideal.shop has introduced an integration to Shipmondo Payments, offering you a streamlined experience!

With this integration, you have the convenience of receiving payments through Shipmondo Payments while efficiently managing your orders and shipments within Shipmondo.

Additionally, you can book shipments directly from your Ideal.shop admin, saving you valuable time and reducing the likelihood of errors when creating shipments and generating shipping labels.

Updated Help Center

Shipmondo Help Center

We’ve updated our Help Center!

Our Help Center has been redesigned to provide you with a more straightforward way to access the information you require.

One notable addition is the “Related Articles” section, which provides articles related to your specific question.

Additionally, for longer articles, we’ve introduced a table of contents, enabling you to quickly navigate and get a comprehensive overview of the content.

Furthermore, we’ve made it even more user-friendly by highlighting our popular articles, ensuring that you can easily find the most sought-after information.

New EU rules and regulations for packaging

Producer responsibility regulations

Are you up-to-date with the latest packaging regulations set forth by the EU?

Starting on January 1, 2025, the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme for packaging will be enforced.

Even if you might think that this new political agreement primarily applies to companies directly involved in manufacturing goods, it’s essential for you as a webshop owner to familiarize yourself with these new regulations.

This means that every time you prepare goods for shipment to your customers, you will be accountable for the expenses and proper handling of the packaging materials you use.

But no need to worry - we’ve gathered everything you need to know!

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