Three examples of a good personalized email

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 13/02/2020

Design your own personalized message containing tracking information and send it to your customers, through Shipmondo, either as an email or an SMS.

Three examples of a good personalized email

You are well aware that the delivery process is an essential part of the customer’s experience of your brand.

You know that you can keep them informed with a personalized message through Shipmondo.

But what should you write?

We give you here three good examples of the good personalized email that you can use for inspiration and to strengthen your customers’ purchasing experience.

Remember that you can also create your own SMS message.

1. The formal message

If you sell many different products that belong to widely different product categories on your webshop, it can be difficult to create a very personalized message about the value of the product.

If your brand is also very professional, then you may want to go with a formal and informative message to your customers.

Personalized message

This message is professional and provides the information that the recipient needs.

Through Shipmondo, when you create the shipment, you can send a message to the recipient with a tracking number or a direct link to our tracking page.

Use our tags and they will adapt to the customer’s and shipment’s information. In this way, your customers can instantly follow the package’s journey and look forward to its arrival.

2. The inspiring message

If you sell products that appeal to the senses, then your personalized message may need to awaken the recipient’s emotions and inspiration.

How should your coffee beans be brewed? Has the recipient purchased good, organic products on your shop or is your clothing made of the finest, most luxurious fabric?

Then let it shine through your personalized message:

The inspiring message

You can always edit the email that you send to your customers.

In this way, you can customize it for seasons, special offers, or blog posts when something new happens on your webshop.

3. The refreshing message

If you have a brand identity that exudes humor and where communication is down to earth, you can fill the text with emojis.

The refreshing message

Give the customer the necessary information about the package and let the customer feel your brand with this personalized message.

You also have the option of adding a special request or perhaps a discount code to the email that your customers can use the next time they shop with you.

Only your imagination sets limits

Not only can you strengthen the purchasing experience with personalized messages, but on your Shipmondo account, you can decide for yourself what you want to write to your customers.

You also have the option to edit HTML, so you can design just the email that you want.

Only your imagination sets the limit.

You have the option of creating an email for each country you send to.

In Shipmondo, Danish, Norwegian, German, English, and Swedish are standard languages, so you can communicate with your international customers in their preferred language.

If you prefer the short and quick message, you can also send a personalized SMS to your customers through Shipmondo.

It works the same way, and you can, of course, also include tracking numbers for your customer.

Give your customers the best possible purchasing experience. You can follow this guide and get started right away.

Do you need inspiration for when it may be advantageous to send personalized messages to your customers?

We have compiled an overview of the different types of personalized messages that you can choose to send at different times in the purchasing process.

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