Three examples of a good personalized email

Malin Conradsen
by Malin Conradsen 13/02/2020

Design your own personalized message containing tracking information and send it to your customers, through Shipmondo, either as an email or an SMS.

Three examples of a good personalized email

You’re well aware that the delivery process is an essential part of a customer’s experience of your brand. You know that you can keep your customers informed throughout the process with a personalized message through Shipmondo. But what should you write?

We’re giving you three examples of a good personalized mail, which you can use to get inspired and find new ways of delivering a top notch customer experience, thus strengthening their perception and attachment to your brand.

Remember that you also can create your own SMS message.

1. A formal message

If you’re selling different items from many different product categories on your webshop, it can be difficult to create a very personal message to convey the value of your product. If your brand is very professional at the same time, it would be a good idea to keep it formal and send a simple and informative message to your customers.

Personlig mail besked

This message is professional and gives the information the customer needs.
Send a message containing a tracking number or a link to our tracking page to your customers and do so as a part of the process of creating the shipment. Use our tags and this will automatically apply all the relevant information to your message. This way, your customer will instantly be able to follow the journey of the parcel and look forward to its delivery.

2. An inspirational message

If you’re selling products that speak to senses, then you might want your personalized message to focus on awakening the customer’s emotion and inspiration. What’s the best way to use your baking equipment? Has your customer purchased good and sustainable organic items from your online store, or are the clothes you’re selling made of the most luxurious fabric? Let this shine through your personalized message.

Personal text with track and trace

It’s always possible for you to edit the mail you send to your customers. This way you can adjust it to season, special offers or blog posts to highlight new arrivals on your webshop.

3. A breath of fresh air

If your brand identity is all about humour and your communication is grounded, then start your message with an informal “Hi” and fill it with emojis.

Design you own message

Give your customers all the necessary information regarding their parcel and let them feel your brand with this personalized message. You have also the opportunity to put a discount code in the mail and thus give them a special invitation or a reminder to shop with you the next time as well.

The only limit is your imagination

You are the only one that decides what the content of this message should be. But that’s not all, you can edit the HTML of the message as well, to design and style email so it matches the rest of your brand. The sky’s the limit!

You can choose to create a personalized message for each country you ship to or choose to communicate in English, it’s completely up to you. This way you can communicate with your Danish customers in Danish and your international customers in either English or their native language. If you prefer a short message form, then you can send a personal SMS through Shipmondo as well. It works the same way and it’s a brief but comprehensive way for your customers to get a tracking tracking number and dispatch information.

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