Upgraded Return Portal: Discover the new possibilities

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 15/06/2023

Make it easy for your customers to return items through your return portal with number codes or QR codes, and let them pay via MobilePay.

Upgraded Return Portal: Discover the new possibilities

Shipmondo Return Portal has been upgraded!

The Return Portal has been updated with new additions, making the return process even easier, faster, and more straightforward - for both you and your customers.

A smooth return process can contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and encourage them to shop on your webshop again.

To ensure a good return experience for your customers, it is important to prioritize the ease and transparency of both the payment process and the return process itself.

Therefore, we’ve made Shipmondo Returns Portal even more functional.

In addition to the existing features, you can now:

  • Allow your customers to pay with MobilePay
  • Offer returns with QR codes
  • Offer returns with a number code

Read on here and learn more about the new additions!

Offer MobilePay on your return portal

Mobile pay

Did you know that most online shoppers often check the return process before they start shopping?

… This indicates how important an easy and transparent return process can be for your webshop.

Customers attach great importance to simplicity and straightforwardness when it comes to returning an item. That’s why we have made it possible to pay with MobilePay on Shipmondo Return Portal.

We have examined the preferred payment methods of Danes, which shows the growing popularity of MobilePay as one of the most popular payment methods.

Add MobilePay to your return portal and let your customers pay for their return items with just a single swipe.

When you offer MobilePay on your return portal, you contribute to increasing customer satisfaction. Your customers will have a fast and easy return process, which helps create trust and confidence in your webshop.

In our setup guide, we have explained how you can easily activate MobilePay on your return portal.

If you would like to get an insight into the preferred payment methods of the Scandinavians, it’s not a problem – you can read more about it here.

Return without a printer: Offer QR codes

Make the return process even easier for your customers with QR codes.

If you offer return shipping with PostNord or GLS through your Shipmondo Return Portal, your customers can return via their smartphones with QR codes.

Do you also have customers in Norway? No problem! QR codes are also available for them when they make returns through Shipmondo Return Portal with PostNord.

As soon as the customer has paid for the return shipping on the return portal, he/she will have access to a QR code, which only needs to be shown on the phone or tablet at the drop-off point or in the parcel shop. The shipping label will then be printed for the customer.

This way, your customer does not have to print the return label themselves.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Return without a printer: Labelless return


Let your customers return their packages without having to print a shipping label by offering labelless returns (also called E-LABEL or Label Free).

That’s what we consider convenient!

Both Bring and dao offer labelless return with daoE-LABEL and Bring Label Free.

This return method only requires a code on the package, instead of an actual shipping label.

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