Use your own carrier agreement with DHL on Shipmondo or send with DHL through us - by using our shipping rates.

About DHL

DHL is a market leader in the global logistics industry. DHL Express makes it easy to send international shipments worldwide and gives you access to DHL's unique global expertise.

Why Shipmondo?

Shipmondo is a complete shipping solution, that makes it possible for you to collect all your shipping agreements in one system. With Shipmondo, you get access to a number of additional services that can help you in streamlining your workflow and ensuring that your customers get a good delivery experience.

A quick web solution

Create shipments and print shipping labels quickly and easily across carriers. You get a modern, fast and user-friendly web solution that will save you time and money - every single day.

Full integration

Set up an integration with your webshop/accounting system quickly and easily, and bulk-create your shipments with one click. If you have special requirements, you can also build your own solution through our API.

Enterprise feature

Access enterprise features that automate your workflow, such as auto print, paperless customs documents, shipment monitor, order management, Return Portal and much more - absolutely free of charge.

Supported DHL products and services

  • DHL Global Mail
  • DHL Warenpost
  • Parcel - Paket
  • Parcel - Europaket
  • Parcel - Paket Internatinoal
  • Parcel - Easy Return
  • Freight - Home Delivery
  • Freight - Service Point
  • Express - Domestic
  • Express - Economy Select
  • Express - Express Worldwide
  • Day Definite Economy Select
  • Time Definite
  • Paperless Trading
  • Import & Export
  • Pickup at address
If you don’t have any shipping agreements yourself, you can send with DHL through Shipmondo - see our shipping rates.

Get started

Start by creating a company account for free. Your Shipmondo account will give you access to create shipments across carriers at attractive rates.

If you have your own shipping agreement that you’d like to have activated and use on your Shipmondo account, please request the setup of your own agreement on your Shipmondo account.

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