Consolidated Invoice

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A consolidated invoice is a type of commercial invoice that efficiently combines multiple shipments into one customs document and is used for international bulk shipments.

What is a consolidated invoice?

A consolidated invoice is often also referred to as a summary invoice, and is a document that aggregates product and customs information for multiple shipments on a commercial invoice, which is a requirement for efficient customs processing for both export and import of bulk shipments outside the EU.

When you use bulk shipping and thus consolidated invoices, you significantly reduce the number of individual commercial invoices and simplify the customs clearance process.

Instead of handling individual commercial invoices for each package in the shipment, a consolidated invoice allows you to compile all necessary information into one document for the entire bulk shipment.

With the consolidated invoice, the entire batch can be cleared through customs at once, making the process more efficient and reducing both costs and the risk of errors in administrative and customs handling. When the shipment arrives in the destination country, it is separated, and the individual packages are distributed to their specific recipient addresses.

A consolidated invoice contains important information such as the value of the goods, weight, and relevant commodity codes, making it easier for the customs authorities in the receiving country to determine duties, taxes, and other charges.

See an example of a consolidated invoice

Below is an example of a consolidated invoice generated in Shipmondo for a Bring shipment.

Consolidated invoice generated in Shipmondo

The consolidated invoice should be printed out and attached to the front of the shipment in a clear packing slip pocket. This allows customs authorities to access and read it without any hassle.

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When sending bulk shipments with Bring or PostNord, it’s essential to have the correct accompanying documents ready for your shipment. At Shipmondo, we make it easy for you to create these necessary documents, including consolidated invoices and routing labels.

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