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A label printer can print on label paper, e.g., shipping labels. The selection of printers is broad, and you must choose one that fits your needs.

What is a label printer?

A label printer is a special printer used to print shipping labels on label paper that can be adhered to other materials.

When you need to send packages, you require a package label that indicates where and to whom the package should be sent.

For printing package labels, a label printer can be used, which prints in a specific format. For example, it might be in the size of 10x19 cm or a ZPL format.

There are both small, mobile label printers for Windows and MacBooks, like Brother, Zebra, and Dymo, as well as large industrial label printers.

Therefore, you can always find just the right label printer that suits your needs.

Label printer, A4 printer, or labelless?

When faced with the task of printing shipping labels, you can choose between a label printer and a standard A4 printer.

A label printer is specialized for the task, and adapted to the typical label format, making the process easy and efficient. This type of printer uses self-adhesive labels, which are perfect for quickly sticking labels on your shipments.

If you have a larger shipping volume and want to streamline your freight handling, it may be advantageous to invest in a label printer. A label printer can print in label format and often prints with laser rather than ink, which ensures that the label is easy to read and efficiently produced.

However, if you do not have access to a label printer, or if you don’t send many packages, it is still possible to print your package labels with a regular A4 printer.

For a smaller shipping volume, a regular A4 printer is an advantageous and cost-effective alternative. After you have printed your package label on regular A4 paper, you can fold the paper and then use a packing slip pocket to attach it to your package.

This ensures that your label is readable and correctly attached to the package.

Another solution is to use labelless shipments. This involves writing a unique package code directly on the package, eliminating the need for a physical label. However, it’s important to note that not all carriers handle labelless shipping, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for those that offer this service.

At Shipmondo, you can use labelless solutions within Denmark with dao through our agreement or your own or with Bring from our agreement.

Learn more about labelless returns with dao and Bring here.

Which label printer should I choose?

There are many options to choose from when you need a label printer for your freight handling, so it’s a good idea to first consider what your needs are.

Once that's done, we have made an overview of places where you can buy both label printers and package labels.

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What size label paper should I use for shipping labels?

All carriers have certain requirements for the labels that are used.

These include how much margin is needed, the distance between elements, and a minimum size for barcodes.

These label requirements are established to ensure that packages can be automatically scanned at the carriers’ sorting facilities - and to prevent sorting errors.

All labels purchased through Shipmondo fit on label paper of size 102 x 192 mm, so it’s important that your label printer can support this format.

When you use Shipmondo as your shipping solution, you can choose from various label printers. With a label printer connected to your account, you can easily and quickly print shipping labels and return labels.

You can also print directly from your Shipmondo account to a regular A4 printer, as Shipmondo also supports the printing of package labels on A4 paper.

The most commonly used label printer for use via Shipmondo is a Zebra GK420D, which supports the ZPL format. This printer can be used either wirelessly or via a cable connection. It’s not very large, so it fits well in many offices. The Zebra printer is great if you have many shipments and want an efficient printing solution.

However, the printer requires that Shipmondo Print Client. is installed before printing can be done.

Printing options

When the package label is printed out correctly, it must be applied properly. If a package label is placed incorrectly, you may end up incurring extra charges from the carrier.

Therefore, we have created a label guide that explains and guides you on how to correctly apply your package labels and avoid the pitfalls (and the fees).

Please note that the guide is advisory. Always check your carrier’s requirements for packages before shipping.

Use multiple printers

On your Shipmondo account, it’s also possible to add multiple printers, and you can set up a label printer for each packing station in your warehouse.

You can also have different printers connected, each designated for printing something different, such as one printer for package labels, one printer for proforma invoices, and one printer for pick lists.

You can set a printer as the primary printer, so the system always knows which printer should print what.

If you have a label printer, it’s a good idea to mark this as the primary printer for printing package labels, and additionally have a regular A4 printer for printing various documents.

Use a scanner solution

You can also make things easier for yourself by adding a scanner to your daily workflow.

A scanner can create the delivery, withdraw money, book freight, complete the order, and print out delivery note and shipping labels - all with just one scan.

This way, you can achieve a faster and more efficient workflow.

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