Send packages without printing a package label. There are several options for sending labelless and booking freight online - you can read much more about it here.

What does labelless mean?

Labelless is also called label-free or e-label. No matter what you prefer to call it, all words refer to the same meaning - that you can send packages without a label.

This is not only a convenient solution if you don’t have access to a printer, but it’s also an environmentally friendly choice that saves on paper.

What is a labelless code?

Your packages still need to be identified by the carriers, so they know where they should be delivered.

Instead of a printed shipping label with the necessary delivery information, you will receive a unique labelless code that must be written on your package.

Such a code typically consists of numbers and is just as valid as a regular label.

You must write the labelless code on the outside of your package. If you send a product in a cardboard box or another type of cardboard box, you can just write the code directly on the package.

If you send in packaging made of plastic, you should write the code somewhere and on a surface where it is not at risk of being erased. Perhaps use a waterproof marker or pen.

Alternatively, you can write the labelless code on a piece of paper or cardboard and stick it on the package.

Send packages with dao labelless

With dao, you can send labelless packages. Their service they call dao E-LABEL.

All you need to do is enter the sender and receiver, the weight of the package, and pay for your freight.

Once that is done, you get a nine-digit code of numbers that must be written on your dao package with a waterproof marker or pen - and then the package is ready to be sent to a drop-off point.

You can always find your nearest dao drop-off point right here.

For example, see dao’s labelless code here when you place an order through Shipmondo:

Bestil dao labelless

Send packages with Bring labelless

Not all carriers offer labelless package handling, but with Bring, you can also send labelless, eliminating the need for printing.

Instead of ‘labelless,’ they refer to this service as ‘Label Free,’ which still means you can send packages without package labels.

When you purchase shipping with Bring through Shipmondo, on your own agreement, you can simply select ‘Label Free’ with a single click and receive a package code to write on the package, making it ready for shipping.

It couldn’t be easier. Bring has also made it possible to use labelless returns, so your customers can also return items, whether they have a printer or not.

Tracking with labelless code

Both with Bring Label Free and dao E-LABEL, it’s still possible to track your shipment.

The labelless code will serve as the package number, which should be entered into the tracking system, allowing you to easily and quickly check the shipment status.

Track your shipment

Send labelless with Shipmondo

You can use Shipmondo if your company wishes to send labelless.

We have agreements with both dao and Bring.

If you want to send Label Free, you need to set up your own freight agreement on your Shipmondo account.

With a free Shipmondo account, you'll have immediate access to send labelless with dao. When you order a shipment with dao, you'll receive your E-LABEL and unique code right away.

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Send labelless returns

You can also offer your customers the option to return their packages labelless.

With Shipmondo’s Return Portal, you can enable your customers to use the labelless feature, requiring them only to write a package code on the package.

If you offer return shipping with PostNord or GLS through your Shipmondo Return Portal, your customers can return via their smartphones with QR codes.

This way, you can avoid unused package labels and reduce paper usage.

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