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Order management is all about your work with orders: when the order needs to be picked, packed, shipped, completed, and recorded in your accounting. See how here.

What does order management mean?

Order management, as the name suggests, is your handling of orders.

It involves all the steps and processes you go through from the moment an order is placed on your webshop until it is shipped to the customer and recorded in your accounting program.

You can save a tremendous amount of time and resources in your business by having efficient order management and process.

Possible steps with an order management:

  • Picklist is automatically printed when the order is placed on the webshop
  • The items in the order need to be picked from your warehouse
  • Pack and wrap up your order now
  • Scan the picklist, and a shipping label will be generated, which is placed on the box. At the same time, payment for the order is collected, the order is completed, and a message with track & trace information is sent to the customer
  • Make returns easy with Shipmondo Return Portal

This is what an order flow can look like, and you can set it up in Shipmondo. You can print from both a regular A4 printer and a label printer.

See the different order management options in Shipmondo.

Managing orders is usually a very time-consuming process.

This is due to the necessary physical handling, picking and packing, but often you also see companies working across multiple systems when an order needs to be handled.

You probably use one system for your orders, one for booking freight, and one for accounting and recording your orders, right?

It is an inefficient flow that involves a lot of manual work, where errors can quickly occur.

What is good order management?

Good order management is efficient, tailored to your needs, and can provide you with a range of benefits:

  • A complete system
  • Avoid typos and delivery errors
  • Save time and money
  • Scale your business without bottlenecks in the order process

Shipmondo allows you to design and set up the flow that makes sense for your business.

Automate your order and freight management in Shipmondo

In Shipmondo, you can gather all your work processes in one place.

You also have the option to automate most processes.

You can also use Shipmondo Order Management to collect payment for the order, book freight, and print shipping labels.

If you need to include an item overview for the customer, you can also print a delivery note. So you don’t have to switch between different systems and perform manual work.

In the end, it means that you can minimize the number of typos and use your time efficiently.

Streamline your order management with pick lists and picking paths

A good place to start optimizing your order management is to implement pick lists.

When an order lands on the webshop, you can automatically print a pick list so you can start picking right away.

If you have to handle many orders, it may be a good idea to implement pick paths. This allows you to pick multiple orders at once, saving you a lot of steps around the warehouse.

In Shipmondo, you can pick with digital pick routes, which is a paperless pick.

If you use the digital solution, the pick instructions will be displayed on your digital device (tablet, computer, phone, or handheld terminal) with product images and order checks, minimizing pick and pack errors.

Use a scanner in your order management

If you have either a handheld scanner, a camera in your smartphone, a tablet, or a webcam, you can use Shipmondo’s scanner solution.

With just one scan, you can book freight with the respective carrier, print a shipping label and any accompanying delivery note, complete the order, and send a Personalized Message and/or email to the customer with a Track & Trace link to track the package.

You can also collect payment yourself by setting up your payment gateway in Shipmondo.

You can determine which functions the scanner should perform and which orders you still want to handle without a scanner. So you can customize the solution exactly to your needs.

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