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A print client is a program that provides you access to multiple printing options and speeds up your printing jobs.

What is a print client?

A print client is a program you install on your computer, which grants you access to a range of extended printing options.

It’s particularly useful, for example, if you handle many shipments and need to print numerous picking lists and shipping labels.

Shipmondo Print Client

If you are using Shipmondo’s platform, it is free for you to install our Print Client. The Print Client can be installed on both Windows and macOS systems.

Once the program is installed, you can choose to have it run in the background and communicate with the system from which you are printing.

With a Print Client added to your computer, you can directly print shipping labels to the printer without opening the web browser’s print dialog box.

This saves you time and eliminates manual processes.

To use the Shipmondo Print Client, you just need to be online. This means you can print to multiple physical locations and set up multiple workstations. For example, if you have a warehouse in Germany, you can print labels while you are in Denmark.

Shipmondo’s Print Client provides you access to a range of extended printing options when you need to print package labels from your Shipmondo account.

You can easily add the Print Client to your account.

Additionally, you also have the option to perform file integration with Shipmondo’s Print Client using either JSON or XML.

The Print Client can be installed on multiple computers, and you can simultaneously add multiple printers from various computers to your Shipmondo account.

Furthermore, you can add an unlimited number of printers, so you don’t have to compromise on your printing options.

Automatic printing of Shipping labels

Once you have installed the Print Client, you can automatically print shipping labels immediately after an order has been placed.

Typically, a label printer is used for printing, and it needs to be added to your system before you can start printing your shipping labels.

You can also print your shipping labels from a regular A4 printer or another printer if you prefer. Just remember to add the printer to your Shipmondo account and select the correct printer when you need to print.

Shipping labels are often printed in ZPL format, as this can be directly applied to the package. This format can also be printed through Shipmondo.

If you are using Shipmondo’s public API, you can from your third-party application choose which printer your package labels should be printed on.

Automatic printing of picking lists

If you choose to use Shipmondo Order Management, you have the option to specify a primary printer for printing your pick tickets.

This way, the printer you select as the primary printer will be automatically chosen when you print pick tickets.

You can also have your pick tickets printed continuously and/or automatically when an order is placed on your webshop if you use Shipmondo Order Management.

You can read more about automatic printing by clicking the button below.

Here, you can learn more about the benefits and possibilities with Shipmondo Print Client.

Installation of Shipmondo Print Client

If the Print Client sounds suitable for you and you already have a Shipmondo account, you can simply follow this guide for the installation of Shipmondo Print Client.

There are just 4 simple steps to follow, and then you’ll be ready to use the Print Client.

If you don’t have a Shipmondo account yet, you can sign up here and start booking shipments and printing labels right away.

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