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A return label is the shipping label your customer needs for returning items. It looks similar to a package label, but it's used for sending packages back to the sender.

What is a return label?

A return label is the shipping label your customer needs for sending items back to you. It looks similar to a package label but is specifically used for sending merchandise back to the sender.

A return label is essentially a piece of adhesive paper that is placed on the outside of a package.

It provides information to the carrier and the delivery person about the sender and recipient addresses, names, and shipment details. It’s like the package label you’re familiar with when sending a package to your customers.

While a package label is used to ship from the sender to the recipient, a return label serves to send from the recipient back to the sender.

Typically, the information on a return label is pre-determined when it is included with the shipment. So, the person sending the return package doesn’t need to fill out any details.

You can also opt for labelless returns with Shipmondo’s Return Portal; you can read more about that here.

If the customer needs to order and retrieve the return label via your online store, the sender’s information is generally pre-determined and generated in advance. We’ll talk more about that later.

By law, and as a good customer service practice, you should offer your customers the option to return items—either for free or at a nominal cost.

This way, you make the return process as hassle-free as possible, strengthening your relationship with your customers while staying compliant with regulations.

How do I get a return label?

As a business, you have the flexibility to decide how your customers can obtain a return label. This also depends on how you handle returns and what the cost of the return is.

Some online stores include a printed return label in the package when they ship it, while others have set up a portal where the customer needs to actively go in and print a return label themselves.

Your return policy should be clearly stated on your online store’s website so that your customers can always find this information and feel more secure in their purchases.

With Shipmondo, you can book freight and print package labels and return labels as soon as you’ve created a free account.

If you book a return label for a customer through Shipmondo, you can send it directly to your customer’s email from your Shipmondo account.

This way, you keep the process streamlined, giving both you and your customers peace of mind when it comes to handling returns.

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What does a return label cost?

The price that the end customer pays for the return shipping is up to you, the business, to decide.

The cost of the return shipping depends on the carrier, the chosen shipping product, the weight of the package, and the dimensions of the package. This is similar to any standard shipment.

In this way, you as a business can entirely decide whether or not to charge your customer for returns.

You can always check the current rates on your Shipmondo account under Shipments > Prices.

What does a return label look like?

A return label resembles a standard package label that you typically affix to the packages you send out to your customers.

Often, the only difference is that the sender and recipient addresses are switched around. For example, a return label from PostNord might look like this:

By giving you full control over the return shipping cost and clearly laying out the return label details, you can better manage your shipping logistics and customer service, all from your Shipmondo account.

Return label from Shipmondo

Be aware that your return label (or package label) should be correctly placed on your package. Follow our label guide for the placement of package labels to avoid additional fees from the carrier.

Note! The guide is advisory. Always check your carrier's package requirements before sending a package.

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What is a return slip?

A return slip is a form filled out with information about the items that are being returned when sending back a package.

Sometimes a return slip is included in the package at the time of shipping, while other times the customer will need to print it out themselves.

A return slip helps the business get an overview of each individual return shipment and the order.

Having a well-organized return slip system can simplify the return process for you, giving you a clearer picture of returned items and making it easier to manage your inventory.

Return slip from Shipmondo

How Do I Submit a Return Package?

Once your customer has prepared the return shipment, it needs to be dropped off at a drop-off point that accepts packages from the carrier with whom the return shipping is booked.

You can find all PostNord, Bring, GLS, and UPS drop-off points here.

If you want to include a return slip and return label in the customer’s package when shipping, you can do this through your Shipmondo account.

If you have your own shipping agreement activated on your account, you can order a return label along with a regular label. You’ll only have to pay for the return shipping if the customer uses the return label.

Shipmondo Return Portal

With Shipmondo’s Return Portal, you can make it easy for your customers to book return shipping and send items back. If you’re using Shipmondo’s Order Management, you can have a seamless return flow that ensures efficient return handling.

Customize the Return Portal with your own text, logo, and CSS styling to make it truly yours.

Let your customers choose which items they want to return, define your own return codes, and set up multiple return solutions and return methods.

You can use your own shipping agreements or use ours. You decide the shipping price, language, and currency — you can read more about that here.

See an example of Shipmondo’s Return Portal:

By leveraging these features, you can offer a more streamlined and user-friendly return process, making life easier for both you and your customers.

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