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A VOEC number is required for packages sent to private consumers in Norway due to VAT regulations for exporting goods to Norway.

What is a VOEC number?

A VOEC number is used to indicate to the Norwegian customs authorities that you are registered in the VOEC scheme and pay Norwegian VAT on your sales to Norwegian consumers.

This is a result of new VAT regulations for export goods to Norway that came into effect on April 1, 2020.

These regulations state that Norwegian consumers cannot import low-value goods from abroad free of VAT.

What does VOEC stand for?

VOEC stands for VAT on E-commerce, indicating that there is VAT on your online sales.

This means that VAT must be charged and reported from the first Norwegian Krone.

This applies to goods with low value (less than 3,000 NOK) sold to consumers (B2C).

For goods valued above 3,000 NOK, VAT and customs duties will be collected upon arrival in Norway, and it is expected that a customs clearance fee will be added by the carrier for calculating and collecting the duties.

You can also read our blog which provides an overview of the VOEC scheme.

VOEC in Norway

When exporting goods to individuals in Norway, you are required to pay VAT, so it’s essential to carefully check the VAT rules.

Norway has implemented the VOEC scheme to ease the burden on Norwegian consumers when purchasing goods imported from abroad, provided that the respective businesses have registered in the scheme.

Therefore, there are also requirements that packages sold under the scheme must be labeled with a VOEC identification number.

VOEC Registration

If you are sending low-value packages to Norway or plan to export low-value goods there, you must register with the Norwegian tax authorities.

You can easily do this through the simplified VOEC scheme.

We have created a complete guide on how to get started with the VOEC scheme.

Send packages to Norway with Shipmondo

You can easily register for the VOEC scheme and send packages through Shipmondo.

As mentioned earlier, once you have registered, you will receive a VOEC number that needs to be added to your shipments to Norway.

You can do this on your Shipmondo account, and the VOEC number will automatically appear on your Norwegian shipping labels.

Additionally, when booking through your Shipmondo account, you must provide relevant customs information to ensure proper customs treatment.

You can set up your VOEC number on your Shipmondo account, and it will be added to your customs documents when booking shipments to Norway through your own shipping agreement. Read more about it here.

You can send packages to Norway through Shipmondo and include your VOEC number on the customs documents with various carriers.

For example, you can use your own shipping agreement with GLS, PostNord, DHL Express, UPS, and many more. You can check all available carriers to Norway here.

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