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Ship across carriers Easy freight booking

Take your freight to the next level

Book shipping with popular carriers as soon as you have a free account. Discover the many possibilities for automation and efficiency and improve your freight management.

Save time and avoid mistakes

Import orders into your Shipmondo account and avoid booking errors. Book shipping for all orders at once or process them individually. You determine the degree of automation. The integrations are free.

Ship across borders

Send to the USA, China, and Norway. Activate your own shipping agreements or just use Shipmondo's shipping agreements with popular carriers and start shipping today. Fill in your customs documents electronically and automatically through Shipmondo.

Book freight across carriers

Send packages across carriers with a free Shipmondo account. If you ship through Shipmondo, you can use our shipping agreements with popular carriers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway - or use your own shipping agreement.

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Book freight across carriers

Shipping rates and options

You can look up all shipping prices and shipping products in your free Shipmondo account. They are listed by carrier. You will find it all in the menu under Shipments > Prices. Choose a sender and receiver country and have all your options presented through Shipmondo's shipping agreements.

Create your free account here and go to Prices.

Shipping rates and options

Use your own shipping agreements

Have you negotiated your own shipping agreements with your carriers? Get them activated in your account..

When you use your own agreements, you pay only a fixed low label price. Nothing else. The more shipments you have, the lower your price per shipping label.

See more about our prices.

Use your own shipping agreements

Optimize your order flow

Set up an integration with your webshop or accounting system and have your orders transferred to your Shipmondo account automatically, so that they are ready as prefilled shipping labels or orders that are ready to be picked.

In Shipmondo, you can efficiently pick and pack your orders with our picking solutions.

See more about Shipmondo Order Management.

Increase your warehouse productivity: Print automatically

Do you have many shipments? Save lots of hours in your warehouse by managing your shipments with bulk actions and printing your shipping labels completely automatically.

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Customs and customs documents

You can fill in your customs documents electronically and automatically through Shipmondo when you need to send packages internationally. We ask for the relevant customs information when you book your shipment, but you can also automate the whole process. Easy and efficient.

Customs and customs documents

Get an overview with shipment monitoring

Is a package uncollected at a pick-up point? Are there extra-long transit times?

Shipmondo Shipment Monitor gives you an overview of the status of your shipments, so you can be on top of things and offer your customers proactive customer service.

Get an overview with shipment monitoring

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