Integration Save time by automating your workflow

Integrate Shipmondo with your webshop or your accounting system to get your orders ready for shipping as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.

Integrations for webshops and accounting systems

Order information is automatically transferred from your system to Shipmondo for quick and easy booking of shipments. Activate Shipmondo’s shipping module at your web shop checkout and let your customers choose a pickup point themselves. Automate your revenue registration with our bookkeeping integration.

For developers

In case you wish a more customized solution, you can build your own integration through our RESTful API. Design a solution that meets to your needs.

// Create shipment (code example in PHP)
  $params = [
    "test_mode" => true,
    "own_agreement" => true,
    "label_format" => "a4_pdf",
    "product_code" => "GLSDK_HD",
    "service_codes" => "EMAIL_NT,SMS_NT",
    "order_id" => "10001",
    "reference" => "Webshop 10001",
    "sender" => [
      "name" => "Shipmondo ApS",
      "address1" => "Strandvejen 6B",
      "address2" => null,
      "country_code" => "DK",
      "zipcode" => "5240",
      "city" => "Odense NØ",
      "attention" => null,
      "email" => "",
      "telephone" => "70400407",
      "mobile" => "70400407"
    "receiver" => [
      "name" => "Lene Jensen",
      "address1" => "Vindegade 112",
      "address2" => null,
      "country_code" => "DK",
      "zipcode" => "5000",
      "city" => "Odense C",
      "attention" => null,
      "email" => "",
      "telephone" => "50607080",
      "mobile" => "50607080",
      "instruction" => null
    "parcels" => [
        "weight" => 1000
  echo $client->createShipment($params);
// Get shipping label in PDF format (code example in PHP)
  $params = [
    'page' => 1,
    'carrier_code' => 'dao'
  echo $client->getShipments($params);
// Get available products (code example in PHP)
  $params = [
    'country_code' => 'DK',
    'carrier_code' => 'gls',
    'page' => 1
  echo $client->getProducts($params);
//Find available / nearest pickup points (code example in PHP)
  $params = [
    'country_code' => 'DK',
    'carrier_code' => 'gls',
    'zipcode' => '5000'
  echo $client->pickupPoints($params);

Automate your flow with Shipmondo Print Client

Add printers to your account, set up automatic print or use Shipmondo Print Client for file integration (JSON / XML).

Direct printing

Send shipping labels directly to your printer through the API, or from our web portal. You can add an unlimited number of printers.

Auto print

Set up automatic print of your shipping labels, directly upon creating a shipment or scanning your packing list.

File integration

If you’re using an older accounting system that doesn’t support other than file exchange, you can set up an integration via Shipmondo Print Client. We support JSON / XML format.

Automatisk print

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