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When using Shipmondo, you only pay for your consumption. Use our built-in shipping rates or activate your own shipping agreements.

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Pay only for your consumption - No subscription

At Shipmondo, we love simple and transparent pricing. That's why you only pay for your actual usage of shipments. Nothing more, nothing less.

The best part? The more shipments you have per month, the lower your price per label becomes.

We will activate your shipping agreements, giving you access from your Shipmondo account to both your shipping agreements and our built-in shipping agreements with attractive shipping rates from your Shipmondo account. Sign up for a free account and get started right away.

per month
Your monthly cost

Your label price automatically decreases

Setting up your own shipping agreement costs a one-time fee of EUR 60 per shipping agreement.
Your label price decreases gradually concurrently with your monthly usage.

Number of labels/monthPrice per labelIncluding
1 - 4990.08 EURAll features
500 - 19990.07 EURAll features
2000 - 39990.06 EURAll features
4000 - 59990.05 EURAll features
6000 - 79990.04 EURAll features
8000 - 99990.03 EURAll features
10000 +Contact for priceAll features

Take your shipping to the next level

+100 carriers and integrations

Automate your shipping from checkout to return and work more efficiently than ever before. This allows you to offer your customers flexible and preferred delivery options across borders.

Gain access to an unlimited number of carriers and integrations. Save time on your freight booking, and customs declarations, and send branded personalized messages with tracking links to your customers.

+100 carriers and integrations

No shipping agreements yet?

Don’t worry! Access our pre-negotiated shipping agreements with attractive shipping rates on your free Shipmondo account and start sending parcels and pallets immediately.
No shipping agreements yet?

All features included

Get access to the complete solution

First-Class Support

Get professional advice for your workflow and competent IT support whenever needed. Our phone support is available every weekday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Integrations and API

Connect your webshops, ERP systems, or customize your solution with our user-friendly API. Automate your freight booking, work faster, and avoid mistakes.

Order and Return Management

Manage orders and returns efficiently in one system. Set up a Return Portal and determine the price for your return freight. Gain a complete and valuable overview of incoming orders and returned items.

Automatic Customs

Do you have shipments going abroad? Use automatic customs for easy and quick setup of your export shipments.

Multiple User

Create access for your employees and assign user rights to functions and settings. Set up multiple packing stations and connect printers and scanners to each station.

Full Access

Access unlimited labels and imported orders with no maximum limits. Unlimited number of integrations and carriers. All features are included, and our pricing is transparent.

Do you have questions?

At Shipmondo, we always put the customer first, and we're always ready to help.

Here are some selected answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Shipmondo is suitable for businesses of every scale. Whether you are just starting or already established, you can easily create a free account and book your first shipment immediately.

You can scale your business with Shipmondo and add features for free as needed. For example you can set up multiple integrations, additional packing stations, pick items with our digital picking solution, automate customs declarations, and connect multiple users to your Shipmondo account.

If you already have an existing setup, you can easily integrate with our user-friendly API, and we will assist you in activating your shipping agreements.

Yes, with a Shipmondo account, you can buy shipping with the available carriers at attractive rates or we can activate your own carrier shipping agreement. Create a free account and you're ready to start.
Yes, you can integrate your systems with Shipmondo to automate your freight booking. Your order/shipping details are automatically imported, and you can customize the integrations to fit your workflow, deciding how much automation you want. Check out our plug and play integrations and user-friendly API.
No, we have no subscription or binding. When you use Shipmondo, you only pay for what you use.

At Shipmondo, you only pay for your actual usage. You can use your own shipping agreements or those built into Shipmondo. There are no subscriptions or hidden costs.

I use my own shipping agreements

You only pay a small price per label. The price will decrease per label interval, the more labels you use in a month. See the label intervals at the top of this page.

An example: If you spend 1,600 labels in a month, you receive an invoice with the following: (499x0.08)+(1,101x0.07) = 116.99 EUR.

You pay continuously from the balance on your Shipmondo account (pay as you go), and will receive a monthly invoice.

I make use of Shipmondo’s shipping agreements and rates

You pay the price in force, which is visible on your Shipmondo account under Shipments > Prices. Create a free account and find your prices.

Create a free account and you're good to go

No subscription or hidden fees.

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