You can benefit from using our shipping solution, regardless of whether you already have a shipping agreement with a carrier or not.

Modern shipping solution

Send to worldwide destinations across carriers from one system.

Full integration

A quick and easy integration to your webshop or accounting system.

Enterprise features

Get access to all of our enterprise features and services for free.

Professional support

Free support by both phone and email.

Pay as you go

There is no subscription, binding or hidden fees.

As a customer you have always free access to all our features, services and customer support.

Fixed low price

You’ve made a good deal with a carrier? Then let us activate it on your Shipmondo account.

Get your own shipping agreement set up for only EUR 60 (a one-time setup fee), and pay a fixed low price per shipping label afterwards.

Once the agreement is in place, you’ll have access to both your own and the shipping rates that Shipmondo has to offer. This way you can send both parcels and pallets to the whole world.

The more shipments you send, the lower your label price gets.

EUR per label

labels per month

EUR per month

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No shipping agreements yet?

If you don’t have any shipping agreements of your own, you can still send both parcels and pallets worldwide through Shipmondo.

Create a free account at Shipmondo, and get access to shipments through our cooperation with carriers at attractive shipping rates.

Price example:

Send a 1kg domestic parcel from only EUR 5 in Denmark or a 20kg parcel from Denmark to Hong Kong from EUR 29,08, tracking and insurance coverage included.

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All-in-one platform

Shipmondo's platform gives you access to features and services that will help automate your entire workflow. How much of the system you wish to use is entirely up to you.

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