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Shipmondo Payments Terms of Service

1. Current Agreement

Shipmondo offers a payment solution (hereinafter referred to as “Shipmondo Payments“) to Shipmondo’s customers (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer“) in collaboration with Billwerk+ Denmark A/S, Rapyd, and Worldline.

Shipmondo Payments combines a payment gateway with an acquirer agreement, enabling the Customer to receive payments over the internet.

2. Acceptance of Payment Provider’s Terms and Conditions

Shipmondo Payments operates through the payment gateway of Billwerk+ Denmark A/S. Therefore, upon entering into a Shipmondo Payments agreement, the Customer must accept the terms and conditions of Billwerk+ Denmark A/S during the application process.

In the event of any discrepancies between Shipmondo's and Billwerk+ Denmark A/S's terms and conditions, Shipmondo’s terms and conditions shall prevail.

3. Acquirer Agreement

When the Customer applies for an acquirer agreement through Shipmondo Payments, an application is forwarded to our partner (Rapyd/Worldline) on behalf of the Customer.

The acquirer agreement constitutes a legal agreement between the Customer’s business and the chosen acquirer (Rapyd/Worldline). Shipmondo ApS acts solely as a mediator and is not a party to the acquirer agreement.

Any existing acquirer agreements can be used with Shipmondo Payments as well.

4. Operation and Uptime

Shipmondo strives to facilitate internet payments 24/7, all year round. The status of the Shipmondo Payments service can be monitored on Billwerk+ A/S’s system status page.

5. Integration/Payment Modules for Webshop Systems

When using Shipmondo Payments on their webshop, the Customer is responsible for configuring the software on the webshop to facilitate payment transfers via Shipmondo Payments.

Billwerk+ Denmark A/S provides free payment modules for popular webshop systems. These payment modules are provided as-is, and Shipmondo bears no responsibility for any issues they may cause. Refer to section 7 for compensation details.

6. Usage and Billing

Usage of Shipmondo Payments is invoiced monthly at the beginning of each month, based on current prices.

Transaction fees are invoiced retrospectively according to usage, while subscription for additional services, such as MobilePay, are invoiced in advance.

Usage fees will be charged to the payment card linked to the Customer's Shipmondo account.

Refer to Shipmondo's general terms and conditions for payment procedures.

7. Compensation for Operational Disturbances, etc.

Shipmondo Payments relies on the payment infrastructures of Billwerk+ Denmark A/S, Rapyd, and Worldline. The Customer’s business cannot hold Shipmondo liable for operational disturbances or technical errors on Shipmondo Payments, regardless of the cause.

8. Discrepancies

These terms and conditions are governed by Danish law, and any disputes between the parties regarding them will be settled by the City Court in Odense as the initial jurisdiction.

9. Governing Language: Danish Version Takes Precedence

This document serves as an English translation of the original Terms and Conditions, which are written and officially maintained in Danish. The purpose of this translation is to facilitate understanding and accessibility for non-Danish speaking users. While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this translation, we acknowledge that translations may not capture the nuanced meaning of the original text.

Please note that in the event of any discrepancies, ambiguities, or conflicts between this translated document and the original Danish version, the Danish version shall take precedence and be considered the legally binding version. Any interpretations, legal disputes, or understandings of the Terms and Conditions will be based on the original Danish text. The Danish version is the official document that governs the use of our services, and will be referred to in the context of any legal proceedings or disputes.