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Implement a reliable and trustworthy payment checkout and offer popular payment methods. Get a combined payment gateway and acquirer agreement.

Shipmondo Payments
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Full integration

Get a quick and easy start. Streamline your order and payment management by setting up an integration between your webshop and Shipmondo.

Reliable and secure

A sturdy and trustworthy solution that ensures stable day-to-day operation. Fully PCI-compliant, supports 3-D Secure, and Secured by Nets.

Free support

We offer free and professional support by email or phone. We’ll help, advise, and guide you through all of your options and account setup, and make sure that you get off to a flying start.

Your payment gateway

Shipmondo offers an overall solution for your webshop that includes both a payment gateway and acquirer agreement.

Receive payments on your webshop in a user-friendly payment window, and offer some of the most popular payment methods. Brand your checkout by adjusting the colors, texts, and fonts to match the rest of your webshop, or simply upload your company logo, all for free.

There’s no subscription when using Shipmondo. You only pay a small fee per transaction based on your actual monthly consumption.

Your payment gateway

Your acquirer agreement

We have entered into some favorable acquiring agreements for both locally and internationally issued payment cards.

You only pay for your consumption, no subscription - a simple and transparent solution.

If you already have one or more existing acquiring agreements with, for example Nets, SwedbankPay, etc., you can have them set up and use them through the Shipmondo Payments gateway.

Read more about prices and additional options.

Your acquirer agreement

Popular payment methods

Get access to all the common and popular payment methods and payment cards.

This includes VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, and VISA/Dankort.

You can choose to activate additional payment methods such as MobilePay, Google Pay, Apple Pay,Viabill, Klarna, Swish etc., all depending on your needs and your target customer group.

See all supported payment methods.

Popular payment methods

Integrate with your webshop

Getting started with Shipmondo Payments is a quick and hassle-free process.

Setting up an integration between your webshop and Shipmondo requires only a few clicks, as there are step-by-step guides for a number of popular webshop systems.

Integrate with your webshop

Reliable and trustworthy solution

Shipmondo Payments is based on some of the strongest solutions by Billwerk+ (Reepay), Worldline, and Rapyd (Valitor), who are among Europe’s most trustworthy providers.

The solution has been thoroughly tested and is in use with many large online retailers such as dba, Chanti, WineFamly, H&M, and Matas. The solution is fully PCI-compliant and supports 3-D Secure payments.

Reliable and trustworthy solution

Free support and setup

We set up your merchant account based on your wishes. You get access to our highly competent support team, which can advise and guide you through to the best and most suitable solution, all included in the price.

If you already have one or more direct acquirer agreements that you wish to keep using, this is also possible with Shipmondo Payments. If you have another payment gateway today, we can help ensure a smooth and trouble-free transition.

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Free support and setup

Order Management: Capture your payments efficiently

Shipmondo makes your everyday life easier!

Implement payment capture into your workflow and automate your entire order management process; everything including pick and pack, freight booking, and label printing, all through one single system.

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